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Early 2018 I purchased a Sportsmobile sprinter campervan in Washington DC and drove it all the way back to Minnesota. I loved the adventure travel lifestyle and wanted to be closer to the action for mountain biking, fly fishing, free camping, kayaking and more!

Little did I know this first van would quickly evolve from a personal hobby, to a side business, to a booming RV rental marketplace in just a few years!

Although I have owned more than a dozen camper vans, RVThereYet.com now has more than 20,000 RVs and is now based on renting motorhomes and travel trailers from private individuals out of their driveways at home.

99% of individually owned RVs are “latent assets” collecting dust, when they could easily be leveraged to make $2000 to $3000 per month during peak season. Not to mention a giant tax deduction as well (check with your accountant, of course)!

Join me in renting out your RV or reserving your unit today and enjoy the outdoors in a class A motorhome, class B RV, campervan, or travel trailer this camping season.

For a limited time 10% off your rental as well with Code “RVTHEREYET” at checkout.

Renting out your RV pointing to the listing area and reserving your unit today, pointing to the reservations.

Jason Sprayberry
Founder/Owner RVThereYet.com 

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