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Early 2018 I purchased a Sportsmobile sprinter campervan in Washington DC and drove it all the way back to Minnesota. I loved the adventure travel lifestyle and wanted to be closer to the action for mountain biking, fly fishing, free camping, kayaking and more!

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Little did I know this first van would quickly evolve from a personal hobby, to a side business, to a booming RV rental marketplace in just a few years!

Although I have owned more than a dozen camper vans, RVThereYet.com now has more than 20,000 RVs and is now based on renting motorhomes and travel trailers from private individuals out of their driveways at home.

99% of individually owned RVs are “latent assets” collecting dust, when they could easily be leveraged to make $2000 to $3000 per month during peak season. Not to mention a giant tax deduction as well (check with your accountant, of course)!

Join me in renting out your RV or reserving your unit today and enjoy the outdoors in a class A motorhome, class B RV, campervan, or travel trailer this camping season.

For a limited time 10% off your rental as well with Code “RVTHEREYET” at checkout.

Jason Sprayberry
Founder/Owner RVThereYet.com 

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