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Andrew Jackson State Park is a fantastic spot for RV camping, offering a blend of history, natural beauty, and recreational opportunities. Named after the seventh President of the United States, this park holds historical and cultural significance that draws visitors from near and far.

The park’s namesake, Andrew Jackson, was born nearby in 1767, and the park is home to a museum that showcases exhibits related to his life and the cultural heritage of the region. Visitors can explore a replica of a late 18th-century one-room schoolhouse, providing a glimpse into the education system of the era. The park’s natural landscape is shaped by the Catawba River, which contributes to the incredibly unique feature of a picturesque 18th-century replica of a fortified homestead.

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RV Rentals in Andrew Jackson State Park


When visiting Andrew Jackson State Park visitors can access the park via private vehicle through the main entrance off U.S. Highway 521. The park is easily accessible by car and ample parking is available for RVs and other vehicles. It’s important to note that there are restrictions on rig sizes for RVs so be sure to check the park’s guidelines for specific size limitations. Additionally private vehicles are the primary mode of transportation for accessing the park’s various amenities and attractions.

Andrew Jackson State Park offers designated RV parking areas ensuring that visitors traveling by RV have convenient and accessible parking options. Overnight parking for RVs outside of designated campsites is not permitted. It is recommended to camp with an RV in the park and utilize the vehicle as the primary mode of transportation to explore the various attractions and amenities within the park.

Andrew Jackson State Park does not offer public transportation or shuttle buses within the park. However visitors can explore the park’s attractions and amenities using the network of walking paths and trails. These paths provide an excellent way to experience the natural beauty and historical features of the park on foot allowing for a leisurely and immersive exploration of the area.

Top Campsites in Andrew Jackson State Park

Lake Wateree State Park Campground

Located near Andrew Jackson State Park this popular campground offers 72 paved campsites with water and electrical hookups. The serene lakeside setting provides opportunities for boating fishing and swimming. Amenities include restrooms hot showers and a playground. The campground is pet-friendly and open year-round accommodating RVs and trailers up to 40 feet in length.

Andrew Jackson State Park Campground

Situated within the park this campground features 25 spacious RV sites with water and electric hookups. Visitors can enjoy hiking trails picnicking areas and a museum showcasing local history. The campground is pet-friendly and open year-round welcoming RVs and trailers of various sizes.

Lancaster / South Charlotte KOA

This KOA campground offers a range of RV sites with full hookups as well as tent sites and cabins. Guests can take advantage of amenities such as a swimming pool dog park and organized activities. The campground is pet-friendly and open year-round accommodating RVs and trailers of different sizes.

Landsford Canal State Park Campground

Nestled along the Catawba River this campground provides 24 RV sites with water and electric hookups. The park offers opportunities for paddling birdwatching and exploring the historic canal ruins. Amenities include restrooms hot showers and a picnic area. The campground is pet-friendly and open year-round welcoming RVs and trailers up to 40 feet in length.

Catawba River Campground

This first-come-first-served campground offers 15 spacious sites for both RVs and tents. Open from April to October the campground provides picnic tables fire rings and access to restrooms and drinking water. RVs and trailers up to 35 feet in length can be accommodated and the campground is pet-friendly allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the Catawba River with their furry companions.

Cedar Point Campground

With 20 first-come-first-served sites this campground is open from March to November providing a serene setting for both RVs and tents. The sites offer picnic tables fire pits and access to restrooms and water. RVs and trailers of various sizes are welcome and the campground is pet-friendly allowing guests to explore the park’s trails and scenic views with their four-legged friends.

Clearwater Lake Campground

This first-come-first-served campground features 10 sites open from May to September offering a peaceful retreat for both RVs and tents. The sites provide picnic tables fire rings and access to restrooms and water. RVs and trailers up to 30 feet in length can be accommodated and the campground is pet-friendly allowing visitors to enjoy outdoor activities with their pets in the beautiful natural surroundings.

If the campsites within Andrew Jackson State Park are full RV renters have alternative camping options available nearby. Private campgrounds in the area offer additional accommodations and amenities for a comfortable stay. Additionally backcountry camping opportunities can provide a more secluded and immersive outdoor experience.

Private Campgrounds

Nearby private campgrounds such as the Carolina Adventure World RV Park and the Charlotte / Fort Mill KOA offer RV sites with various hookups amenities and recreational facilities. These private campgrounds provide an alternative option for RV renters seeking camping accommodations close to Andrew Jackson State Park.

Backcountry Camping

For those seeking a more rugged and secluded camping experience backcountry camping in the surrounding national forests and wilderness areas can be an appealing option. While backcountry camping requires careful planning and adherence to Leave No Trace principles it offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of the region and enjoy a more primitive camping experience.

By exploring these alternative camping options RV renters can ensure that they have backup plans in place in the event that the campsites within Andrew Jackson State Park are fully booked allowing them to make the most of their outdoor adventure in the area.


Andrew Jackson State Park offers a network of scenic hiking trails that wind through the park’s diverse landscapes including woodlands meadows and along the Catawba River. The 1.7-mile Garden of the Waxhaws Trail is a popular choice leading hikers through picturesque natural surroundings and offering glimpses of local wildlife. The trail is accessible from the park’s main entrance and provides opportunities for both leisurely strolls and more challenging hikes.


The Catawba River which runs through the park provides excellent fishing opportunities for RV campers. Anglers can try their luck at catching a variety of fish species including bass catfish and panfish. The river’s tranquil waters and scenic surroundings make for a relaxing and rewarding fishing experience attracting enthusiasts of all skill levels.


RV campers can explore the park’s natural beauty and historical sites by biking along the designated trails. The 1.5-mile Lynches River Loop Trail offers a picturesque route for cyclists winding through woodlands and offering views of the Catawba River. Biking provides a fun and active way to experience the park’s diverse terrain and enjoy the fresh air.


With its rich biodiversity and varied habitats Andrew Jackson State Park is a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts. The park’s woodlands and wetlands are home to a diverse array of bird species making it an ideal location for observing and photographing feathered inhabitants. The park’s tranquil setting provides a peaceful environment for birdwatchers to spot both resident and migratory birds.


RV campers can enjoy leisurely picnics in the park’s designated picnic areas surrounded by the natural beauty of the Catawba River and lush greenery. The park’s well-maintained picnic spots offer a relaxing setting for families and friends to gather unwind and savor outdoor meals amidst the serene surroundings.

Scenic Overlooks

For RV campers who prefer leisurely sightseeing the park offers several scenic overlooks that provide stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The overlooks such as the Catawba River Overlook offer opportunities for visitors to capture breathtaking photos relax and appreciate the natural beauty of the park from elevated vantage points.

Nature Watching

Those who enjoy observing wildlife and natural surroundings can partake in nature watching at Andrew Jackson State Park. The park’s diverse habitats including woodlands and wetlands provide a habitat for a variety of wildlife such as deer birds and small mammals. Visitors can take leisurely walks along designated paths and quietly observe the flora and fauna in their natural environment.

Photography Opportunities

RV campers with a passion for photography will find plenty of Instagram-worthy spots throughout the park. From scenic vistas to charming historic sites there are numerous locations that offer picturesque backdrops for capturing memorable moments. The park’s natural beauty combined with its historical and cultural attractions provides a wealth of opportunities for capturing stunning photographs.

Interpretive Programs

The park offers interpretive programs and guided tours that cater to visitors interested in learning about the historical and cultural significance of the area. These programs provide engaging and educational experiences allowing RV campers to gain insights into the park’s rich heritage and the life and times of Andrew Jackson.

Relaxation Areas

For those seeking relaxation and tranquility the park provides designated areas where visitors can unwind and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the natural surroundings. Whether it’s sitting by the Catawba River or finding a quiet spot under the shade of a tree RV campers can find peaceful retreats to relax and recharge amidst the park’s serene environment.

Season-specific experiences in Andrew Jackson State Park

Wildflower Viewing

Spring brings an explosion of color to the park as wildflowers bloom in meadows and woodlands. Visitors can take leisurely strolls along the trails to admire the vibrant displays of native wildflowers such as trilliums azaleas and Virginia bluebells. The park’s diverse habitats provide a picturesque backdrop for nature enthusiasts to witness the seasonal beauty of blooming wildflowers.

Historical Homestead

The park’s 18th-century replica of a fortified homestead offers a fascinating glimpse into the region’s historical heritage. During the spring visitors can explore the homestead and learn about the daily life and challenges faced by early settlers in the area. The historical site provides an immersive experience allowing RV campers to step back in time and gain insights into the region’s rich cultural history.


Spring is a prime time for birdwatching at the park as migratory birds return and nesting activity increases. Birdwatchers can spot a variety of species including warblers thrushes and woodpeckers as they explore the park’s woodlands and wetlands. The seasonal influx of birdlife creates an exciting opportunity for visitors to observe and appreciate the diverse avian inhabitants of the park.

Guided Tours

During the spring season the park offers guided tours and interpretive programs that delve into the historical and natural aspects of the area. These educational experiences provide RV campers with the opportunity to learn about the park’s cultural heritage wildlife and the life of Andrew Jackson through informative and engaging tours led by knowledgeable guides.

Family-Friendly Events

Springtime at the park brings a variety of family-friendly events and programs including outdoor workshops nature walks and historical reenactments. These events cater to visitors of all ages offering interactive and entertaining experiences that showcase the natural and historical wonders of Andrew Jackson State Park.

Boating and Kayaking

The summer season offers ideal conditions for boating and kayaking on the Catawba River. RV campers can launch their watercraft from designated areas and explore the river’s tranquil waters surrounded by the park’s scenic landscapes. Whether it’s a leisurely paddle or an adventurous boating excursion the river provides opportunities for water-based recreation and relaxation.

Nature Photography

Summer brings lush greenery and vibrant wildlife to the park creating perfect opportunities for nature photography. From capturing the beauty of blooming wildflowers to photographing the diverse bird species that inhabit the park summer provides ample subjects for photographers to capture stunning images of the natural world.

Evening Programs

During the summer months the park hosts evening programs and events such as campfire talks and stargazing sessions. These programs offer RV campers the chance to gather around the campfire listen to engaging stories and learn about the night sky from knowledgeable park staff and guest speakers.

Outdoor Dining

The summer season provides an ideal setting for outdoor picnics and al fresco dining in the park’s designated picnic areas. RV campers can enjoy meals amidst the lush surroundings savoring the warm weather and the natural ambiance of the park while dining outdoors with family and friends.

Sunset Viewing

Summer evenings at the park offer breathtaking sunset views over the Catawba River and the surrounding landscapes. RV campers can find vantage points and overlooks to witness the stunning colors of the setting sun creating memorable and picturesque moments amidst the tranquil beauty of Andrew Jackson State Park.

Fall Foliage Viewing

The park’s diverse woodlands and scenic trails offer prime opportunities for experiencing the vibrant colors of autumn foliage. RV campers can take leisurely walks or scenic drives to admire the changing leaves with the park’s landscapes transforming into a picturesque canvas of reds oranges and yellows during the fall season.

Interpretive Programs

Fall brings a variety of interpretive programs and guided tours that focus on the seasonal changes in the park’s flora and fauna. These programs provide educational insights into the natural world offering RV campers the chance to learn about the ecological significance of the region and the adaptations of wildlife during the autumn months.

Photography Workshops

The park hosts photography workshops and events tailored to capturing the beauty of fall landscapes. These workshops provide opportunities for amateur and professional photographers to enhance their skills and capture the stunning colors and textures of autumn creating lasting memories through their photographs.

Wildlife Observation

Fall is a time of increased wildlife activity as animals prepare for the changing season. RV campers can engage in wildlife observation spotting migratory birds deer and other wildlife as they navigate the park’s woodlands and wetlands during this transitional period.

Historical Reenactments

The park may host historical reenactments and living history events during the fall offering visitors a chance to step back in time and experience the region’s cultural heritage through interactive and engaging demonstrations of historical activities and traditions.

Nature Walks

Winter provides a serene setting for leisurely nature walks along the park’s trails allowing RV campers to appreciate the quiet beauty of the winter landscape. The park’s woodlands and riverbanks offer opportunities for observing winter wildlife and enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the natural surroundings during the cooler months.


Winter birdwatching at the park can be rewarding as migratory bird species and winter residents seek refuge in the park’s habitats. RV campers can observe a variety of bird species such as waterfowl and songbirds making the park an ideal location for birdwatching enthusiasts during the winter season.

Historical Tours

The winter months may offer historical tours and interpretive programs that focus on the cultural heritage of the park and the life of Andrew Jackson. These educational experiences provide insights into the historical significance of the region and the impact of winter on the daily lives of early settlers.

Scenic Photography

Winter landscapes at the park provide opportunities for capturing unique and striking photographs of the park’s natural features. From snow-dusted trails to frost-covered trees the park’s winter scenery offers captivating subjects for photographers to capture the beauty of the season through their lenses.


Clear winter nights provide excellent conditions for stargazing at the park. RV campers can enjoy the crisp winter air and marvel at the night sky observing constellations and celestial phenomena from designated stargazing areas within the park.