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Hilgard Junction State Park is a fantastic spot for RV camping, offering a serene and picturesque setting that’s perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The park’s history and cultural significance, as well as its unique natural features, make it a must-visit destination for RV renters.

The park holds historical significance, as it was once a key junction for the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company. This historical connection adds a layer of cultural significance to the park, providing visitors with a glimpse into the region’s past.

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RV Rentals in Hilgard Junction State Park


Visitors can access Hilgard Junction State Park via private vehicle with parking available at designated areas within the park. The park can be reached from different entrances and visitors can utilize their private vehicles to explore the park’s various attractions. When traveling to the park it’s important to note that there are restrictions on rig sizes for RVs so it’s advisable to check the specific size limitations before planning your visit.

Hilgard Junction State Park offers designated RV parking areas within the park providing convenient options for RV campers. Overnight parking for RVs outside of designated campsites is not recommended. It’s advisable to camp with an RV within the park and explore its attractions using alternative transportation methods such as hiking or biking to fully experience the natural beauty and recreational opportunities available.

Hilgard Junction State Park does not have public transportation options such as shuttle buses. However the park offers walking paths and trails that provide a scenic way to explore its natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks and hikes to immerse themselves in the park’s diverse landscapes and attractions. Walking paths offer a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature and discover the park’s charm at a relaxed pace.

Top Campsites in Hilgard Junction State Park

River’s Edge RV Park

Located near Hilgard Junction State Park River’s Edge RV Park is a highly sought-after camping destination. With 50 spacious RV sites this pet-friendly campground offers stunning views of the Grande Ronde River. Visitors can enjoy activities such as fishing hiking and birdwatching. The park provides full hookups picnic areas and clean restroom facilities. Open from April to October it accommodates RVs and trailers of various sizes.

Hilgard Junction State Park Campground

This scenic campground within the state park offers 35 pet-friendly sites providing a tranquil setting for nature enthusiasts. Campers can partake in hiking wildlife viewing and fishing along the Grande Ronde River. The campground features amenities such as picnic tables fire pits and access to restrooms. It welcomes RVs and trailers with size restrictions and operates from May to September.

Grande Ronde Campground

Situated close to Hilgard Junction State Park Grande Ronde Campground boasts 25 picturesque sites along the river. Pet-friendly and open from April to October it offers activities like kayaking mountain biking and nature walks. Campers can utilize amenities such as fire rings grills and access to potable water. The campground accommodates RVs and trailers of varying sizes.

Wallowa River RV Park

Nestled in a serene location near the state park Wallowa River RV Park features 40 pet-friendly sites providing a peaceful retreat for outdoor enthusiasts. Campers can engage in activities such as fishing boating and stargazing. The park offers full hookups laundry facilities and a dog park. Open from May to September it welcomes RVs and trailers with size limitations.

Riverside Campground

Offering 15 first-come-first-served campsites Riverside Campground provides a rustic and tranquil camping experience. Open from May to September it accommodates RVs and trailers of various sizes with restrictions. The campground is pet-friendly allowing visitors to bring their furry companions to enjoy the natural surroundings and activities such as hiking and wildlife spotting.

Mountain View Campground

With 20 first-come-first-served sites Mountain View Campground welcomes campers from May to October providing a serene setting for outdoor enthusiasts. RVs and trailers of limited sizes are permitted and the campground is pet-friendly allowing visitors to explore the scenic trails and engage in activities such as birdwatching and fishing.

Lakeside Campground

Lakeside Campground offers 12 first-come-first-served sites and operates from June to September providing a peaceful lakeside retreat for campers. The campground welcomes RVs and trailers of restricted sizes and is pet-friendly allowing visitors to enjoy activities such as boating fishing and nature walks amidst the picturesque surroundings.

If the campsites within Hilgard Junction State Park are full RV renters have alternative camping options available nearby. Private campgrounds in the vicinity offer additional accommodations and amenities providing a convenient alternative for campers. Additionally backcountry camping opportunities may be available in designated areas surrounding the park allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region while enjoying a more secluded and off-the-grid camping experience. It’s important for RV renters to research and make reservations in advance at private campgrounds to secure their spot. Backcountry camping typically requires permits and adherence to specific guidelines to ensure a safe and environmentally responsible experience. Exploring these alternative camping options can provide RV renters with flexibility and the opportunity to fully enjoy their outdoor adventure near Hilgard Junction State Park.


Hilgard Junction State Park offers a network of scenic hiking trails that cater to all skill levels making it a popular activity for outdoorsy RV campers. The park’s trails meander through diverse landscapes including forests meadows and along the Grande Ronde River providing opportunities to encounter local wildlife and enjoy breathtaking views. One notable trail is the River View Trail which winds along the riverbank offering picturesque vistas and serene surroundings for hikers to explore.


The park’s location along the Grande Ronde River makes it a prime destination for fishing enthusiasts. Anglers can cast their lines in the river’s tranquil waters known for abundant fish populations including trout and steelhead. The serene ambiance and the opportunity to reel in a catch amidst the park’s natural beauty make fishing a beloved activity for RV campers visiting Hilgard Junction State Park.


With its diverse habitats and rich birdlife Hilgard Junction State Park is a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts. The park is home to a variety of bird species including songbirds raptors and waterfowl. Birdwatchers can explore the park’s trails and riverbanks to observe and appreciate the avian diversity with opportunities to spot species such as bald eagles woodpeckers and migratory birds during the appropriate seasons.


RV campers with a love for cycling can enjoy exploring the park’s scenic roads and designated cycling trails. The park’s gently rolling terrain and picturesque surroundings make it an ideal setting for leisurely bike rides and more challenging cycling adventures. The park’s cycling routes provide opportunities for riders to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying a workout amidst the tranquil landscapes.

Wildlife Viewing

Hilgard Junction State Park offers abundant opportunities for wildlife viewing allowing RV campers to observe and appreciate the park’s diverse animal inhabitants. Visitors may encounter deer elk and a variety of small mammals while exploring the park’s natural habitats. The park’s serene environment and diverse ecosystems provide an ideal backdrop for wildlife enthusiasts to connect with nature and observe the fascinating wildlife that call the park home.

Scenic Drives

For RV campers seeking a more relaxed way to explore the park’s beauty scenic drives offer a leisurely alternative. The park features picturesque roads that wind through stunning landscapes providing ample opportunities for sightseeing and capturing breathtaking views. The Grande Ronde River Scenic Byway which passes through or near the park offers captivating vistas of the river forests and mountains making it an ideal route for a scenic drive and photo opportunities.

Nature Photography

Hilgard Junction State Park presents an array of captivating natural scenes that are perfect for nature photography. From tranquil riverbanks to lush forests and vibrant wildflower meadows the park offers a wealth of subjects for photographers to capture. Visitors can capture stunning images of the park’s diverse flora and fauna including wildlife wildflowers and scenic landscapes providing endless opportunities for Instagram-worthy photos.


The park’s serene and picturesque settings make it an ideal location for a relaxing picnic amidst nature. RV campers can enjoy a leisurely afternoon at designated picnic areas surrounded by the park’s natural beauty. Whether along the river’s edge or nestled within the forest these peaceful spots provide a tranquil setting for campers to unwind savor a meal and appreciate the park’s scenic ambiance.

Wildlife Observation

For those who prefer a more laid-back approach to wildlife appreciation the park offers opportunities for wildlife observation without strenuous activities. Visitors can find peaceful spots to observe and appreciate the diverse wildlife that inhabits the park including birdwatching and observing the park’s animal inhabitants in their natural habitats.

Nature Walks

RV campers can enjoy leisurely nature walks along the park’s designated trails providing a gentle way to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings. These walks offer the opportunity to appreciate the park’s diverse ecosystems observe wildlife and enjoy the tranquility of the natural environment without engaging in more physically demanding activities.

Season-specific experiences in Hilgard Junction State Park

Wildflower Viewing

Spring brings an explosion of color to Hilgard Junction State Park as the wildflowers come into bloom. The park’s meadows and woodlands are adorned with vibrant wildflowers creating a picturesque and Instagram-worthy setting for nature enthusiasts. Visitors can take leisurely strolls along the park’s trails to admire the diverse array of wildflower species including lupine Indian paintbrush and arrowleaf balsamroot adding a pop of color to the park’s landscapes.


Spring is an ideal time for birdwatching at the park as migratory birds return and nesting activity peaks. The park’s diverse habitats provide a haven for a variety of bird species offering birdwatchers the opportunity to observe and photograph songbirds waterfowl and raptors in their natural environment. The tranquil ambiance and vibrant springtime surroundings create a delightful experience for birdwatching enthusiasts.

Historical Exploration

Springtime provides an excellent opportunity for RV campers to explore the park’s historical landmarks and learn about its rich cultural heritage. The park’s historical sites such as remnants of the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company offer a glimpse into the region’s past and its significance in shaping the area’s development. Visitors can embark on historical walks and self-guided tours to discover the park’s historical features and appreciate its cultural significance.

Wildlife Spotting

Spring brings renewed activity to the park’s wildlife inhabitants making it an exciting time for wildlife spotting. RV campers can keep an eye out for deer elk and other wildlife as they become more active during the spring season. Observing the park’s wildlife in their natural habitats provides a unique and enriching experience for nature enthusiasts.

Nature Photography

Spring offers RV campers the perfect opportunity to capture the park’s natural beauty through photography. From blooming wildflowers to the return of migratory birds the park’s landscapes and wildlife provide captivating subjects for nature photographers. The vibrant colors and renewed life in the park create an inspiring backdrop for capturing stunning images and preserving the beauty of springtime in Hilgard Junction State Park.

Boating and Kayaking

The summer season provides the perfect opportunity for RV campers to take to the water and enjoy boating and kayaking on Ross Lake. The park’s serene waters and picturesque surroundings create an ideal setting for leisurely paddling or embarking on a boating adventure. Visitors can explore the lake’s coves and inlets take in the stunning views and engage in water-based recreational activities while basking in the summer sunshine.


Summer is an ideal time for RV campers to immerse themselves in the park’s natural beauty by camping amidst the lush surroundings. The park offers designated camping areas where visitors can set up camp relax under the stars and enjoy the tranquility of the great outdoors. Whether opting for a traditional tent camping experience or parking an RV at a campsite summer camping in Hilgard Junction State Park provides a rejuvenating escape and an opportunity to connect with nature.

Wildlife Watching

Summer brings increased wildlife activity offering RV campers the chance to observe the park’s diverse animal inhabitants. From deer and elk to a variety of bird species the park’s ecosystems come to life during the summer months providing ample opportunities for wildlife watching and photography. Visitors can keep a lookout for wildlife while exploring the park’s trails and natural habitats creating memorable encounters with the local fauna.

Nature Walks

Summer is an ideal time for leisurely nature walks allowing RV campers to explore the park’s scenic trails and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the surroundings. The park’s lush vegetation blooming wildflowers and vibrant landscapes provide a picturesque backdrop for nature walks offering a relaxing way to appreciate the park’s diverse ecosystems and serene ambiance. Whether strolling along the riverbank or venturing into the forest summer nature walks at Hilgard Junction State Park offer a peaceful and rejuvenating experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

Fall Foliage Viewing

The park’s landscapes transform into a stunning display of autumn colors making it an ideal time for RV campers to indulge in fall foliage viewing. The park’s forests and meadows come alive with vibrant hues of red orange and gold creating a picturesque backdrop for nature enthusiasts. Visitors can take leisurely walks or scenic drives to admire the stunning fall foliage capturing the beauty of the season through photography and creating lasting memories amidst the park’s colorful landscapes.


Fall provides pleasant weather for hiking making it an excellent time for RV campers to explore the park’s scenic trails. The cooler temperatures and the breathtaking fall scenery create an inviting setting for outdoor adventures. Hikers can traverse the park’s diverse terrain taking in the sights of changing foliage and enjoying the tranquility of the natural surroundings while engaging in physical activity amidst the vibrant autumn landscapes.

Wildlife Photography

Fall offers RV campers the opportunity to capture the park’s wildlife against the backdrop of the season’s changing colors. The park’s diverse ecosystems and the increased activity of wildlife during the fall months provide excellent subjects for nature photographers. Visitors can capture images of the park’s animal inhabitants including deer birds and other wildlife amidst the beautiful autumn scenery creating captivating and memorable photographs that showcase the park’s natural splendor.

Bird Migration

Fall brings the spectacle of bird migration to the park offering birdwatching enthusiasts the chance to witness the seasonal movement of migratory birds. The park becomes a temporary home for a variety of bird species as they pass through during their migration creating a unique opportunity for birdwatchers to observe and appreciate the diversity of avian visitors. RV campers can enjoy the sights and sounds of migratory birds as they rest and forage in the park’s habitats adding a special touch to the fall outdoor experience at Hilgard Junction State Park.

Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

Winter transforms the park into a snowy wonderland providing opportunities for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. RV campers can explore the park’s trails and open spaces on snowshoes or skis taking in the tranquility of the winter landscapes and enjoying physical activity amidst the snowy surroundings. The park’s pristine snow-covered terrain creates an inviting setting for winter sports allowing visitors to experience the beauty of the season while engaging in outdoor recreation.

Wildlife Tracking

Winter provides a unique opportunity for RV campers to engage in wildlife tracking as the snow reveals the tracks and signs of the park’s animal inhabitants. Visitors can observe and interpret the tracks left by wildlife gaining insights into their behaviors and movements during the winter months. The park’s snowy landscapes offer a canvas for wildlife tracking providing a fascinating and educational experience for nature enthusiasts.

Scenic Photography

Winter brings a blanket of snow to the park creating a picturesque setting for scenic photography. RV campers can capture the park’s snow-dusted landscapes frost-covered foliage and serene winter scenes providing a unique opportunity for capturing the beauty of the season through photography. The park’s tranquil ambiance and the transformative effects of winter create captivating subjects for nature photographers offering a different perspective of the park’s natural beauty during the winter months.

Winter Birdwatching

The winter season offers RV campers the opportunity to engage in birdwatching and observe the park’s avian inhabitants amidst the snowy landscapes. Visitors can observe winter bird species that frequent the park such as chickadees nuthatches and woodpeckers as they forage for food and navigate the winter environment. The park’s serene winter setting provides a peaceful backdrop for birdwatching allowing enthusiasts to appreciate the resilience and adaptability of the park’s birdlife during the colder months.

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