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Lake Texoma State Park is a prime destination for RV camping, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and cultural significance. Situated on the shores of the majestic Lake Texoma, this state park provides an idyllic setting for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Steeped in history and cultural significance, Lake Texoma has long been cherished by Native American tribes, early settlers, and modern-day visitors. The park’s rich heritage is reflected in the remnants of prehistoric Native American dwellings and artifacts found in the area, adding a layer of historical intrigue to the park’s allure.

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RV Rentals in Lake Texoma State Park


Visitors to Lake Texoma State Park can access the park via private vehicle through multiple entrances including the main entrance off U.S. Highway 70 and other access points along the shoreline. Private vehicle travel is the primary mode of transportation within the park allowing visitors to explore the various recreational areas campgrounds and scenic viewpoints.

When it comes to rig sizes it’s important to note that there are restrictions on the maximum size of RVs allowed in certain areas of the park. While the main park roads can accommodate larger rigs some campground loops and sites have limitations on vehicle length so it’s advisable to check the specific size restrictions when making reservations or planning your visit.

Lake Texoma State Park offers designated RV parking areas within its campgrounds providing convenient and secure parking for RVs. Overnight parking outside of designated campsites is not permitted. It is highly recommended to camp with an RV within the park’s designated camping areas to enjoy the full experience and easy access to recreational facilities and natural attractions.

Lake Texoma State Park does not offer public transportation or shuttle buses within the park. Visitors primarily rely on personal vehicles or walking to access the park’s various amenities and attractions. The park features walking paths and trails that provide opportunities for leisurely strolls and hiking adventures allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the park on foot.

Top Campsites in Lake Texoma State Park

1. Eisenhower State Park Campground

Located within a short distance of Lake Texoma Eisenhower State Park Campground is a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts. With over 150 campsites nestled among the trees visitors can enjoy a serene camping experience. The campground offers a range of activities including hiking fishing and birdwatching. Amenities include restrooms showers and picnic areas. The campground is pet-friendly and reservations are recommended. It is open year-round and RVs and trailers up to 60 feet in length are permitted.

2. Walnut Creek Resort & Marina

Situated along the shores of Lake Texoma Walnut Creek Resort & Marina offers a picturesque setting for camping and water-based activities. The campground features over 100 RV sites with full hookups as well as cabins for rent. Visitors can enjoy boating fishing and swimming. The pet-friendly campground provides amenities such as a convenience store boat rentals and a swimming beach. Reservations are recommended and the campground is open year-round.

3. Buncombe Creek Campground

Nestled on the Oklahoma side of Lake Texoma Buncombe Creek Campground offers a peaceful retreat for campers. The campground provides over 100 sites with electric and water hookups along with access to boat ramps and a swimming area. Outdoor enthusiasts can engage in activities such as hiking fishing and wildlife viewing. The pet-friendly campground is open year-round and reservations are recommended.

4. Highport Marina Campground

Overlooking the scenic waters of Lake Texoma Highport Marina Campground offers a tranquil setting for RV camping. The campground features over 100 spacious sites with full hookups as well as access to a marina and boat rentals. Visitors can enjoy water activities such as boating and fishing and take in stunning lake views. The pet-friendly campground is open year-round and reservations are recommended. RVs and trailers of varying sizes are permitted.

1. Caney Creek Campground

Caney Creek Campground at Lake Texoma State Park offers a selection of first-come-first-served campsites providing a rustic and natural camping experience. The campground features approximately 50 sites open year-round for visitors to enjoy. Accommodations include picnic tables fire rings and access to restrooms and showers. RVs and trailers of various sizes are welcome with some sites suitable for larger vehicles. Caney Creek Campground is pet-friendly allowing campers to bring their furry companions to explore the natural surroundings.

2. Alberta Creek Campground

Alberta Creek Campground provides a range of first-come-first-served campsites offering approximately 70 sites for spontaneous camping adventures. The campground is open year-round allowing visitors to experience the beauty of Lake Texoma throughout the seasons. Accommodations include picnic areas restrooms and access to the nearby marina. RVs and trailers of different sizes are welcome with options for both smaller and larger vehicles. Alberta Creek Campground is pet-friendly providing an opportunity for campers to share the outdoor experience with their four-legged companions.

3. Catfish Bay Campground

Catfish Bay Campground offers a selection of first-come-first-served campsites featuring around 40 sites for visitors seeking a spontaneous camping getaway. The campground is open year-round allowing campers to enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Texoma at any time. Accommodations include picnic areas restrooms and access to outdoor recreational facilities. RVs and trailers of varying sizes are welcome with options suitable for different vehicle dimensions. Catfish Bay Campground is pet-friendly enabling campers to bring their pets along for an outdoor adventure in the park.

Private Campgrounds

In the event that campsites within Lake Texoma State Park are fully booked RV renters can explore private campgrounds in the vicinity. Walnut RV Park located near the park offers full hook-up sites laundry facilities and a peaceful environment for campers. Another option is the Texoma RV Park which provides spacious sites amenities such as a swimming pool and clubhouse and convenient access to Lake Texoma’s recreational opportunities. These private campgrounds offer additional camping options for RV renters seeking a comfortable and well-equipped camping experience.

Backcountry Camping

For those seeking a more rugged and secluded camping experience backcountry camping near Lake Texoma State Park can be an appealing alternative. While backcountry camping within the park itself is limited nearby wildlife management areas and national forests such as the Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge offer opportunities for primitive camping and wilderness exploration. Campers can immerse themselves in nature enjoying the solitude and natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes while adhering to backcountry camping regulations and Leave No Trace principles.


Hiking is a favorite activity for outdoor enthusiasts visiting Lake Texoma State Park. The park offers a variety of scenic trails including the Lakeside Trail which winds along the shoreline providing breathtaking views of the lake and opportunities for birdwatching. The Cross Timbers Trail offers a more rugged hiking experience leading through diverse landscapes and offering glimpses of the park’s unique flora and fauna.


With its expansive waters and abundant fish species Lake Texoma is a renowned fishing destination. Anglers can cast their lines from the shoreline rent a boat for deep-water fishing or try their luck at one of the park’s fishing piers. The lake is known for its populations of striped bass catfish and crappie attracting fishing enthusiasts from near and far.


Boating is a popular pastime at Lake Texoma State Park drawing RV campers who enjoy spending time on the water. The park’s marinas and boat ramps provide easy access to the lake where visitors can engage in motorboating sailing and waterskiing. Boaters can explore the lake’s coves and inlets finding ideal spots for swimming picnicking and soaking in the natural surroundings.


Birdwatching is a tranquil and rewarding activity for nature lovers at Lake Texoma State Park. The park’s diverse habitats including woodlands grasslands and wetlands attract a wide variety of bird species. Visitors can spot bald eagles herons warblers and other avian residents and migratory birds while exploring the park’s trails and scenic overlooks.


Cycling enthusiasts can explore the park’s roadways and designated bike trails such as the Juniper Hills Trail which offers a scenic route through the park’s woodlands and open spaces. The gentle terrain and picturesque landscapes make cycling an enjoyable way to experience the natural beauty of Lake Texoma State Park.


For RV campers who prefer more relaxed activities sightseeing in Lake Texoma State Park offers stunning vistas and scenic overlooks. The park’s elevated viewpoints such as the Lookout Point Trail provide panoramic views of the lake and surrounding landscapes making it an ideal spot for capturing memorable photos and taking in the natural beauty of the area.

Nature Watching

Nature watching at Lake Texoma State Park appeals to those seeking peaceful and immersive experiences in the outdoors. Visitors can observe the park’s diverse wildlife including deer raccoons and a variety of bird species in their natural habitats. The park’s tranquil settings and designated wildlife viewing areas offer opportunities to appreciate the beauty of nature without strenuous physical activity.

Photography Opportunities

Lake Texoma State Park provides a wealth of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities for RV campers with a passion for photography. From the tranquil waters of the lake to the vibrant wildflowers and scenic sunsets the park’s natural landscapes offer countless picture-perfect moments. The park’s picturesque trails such as the Butterfly Garden Trail present ideal settings for capturing the beauty of the outdoors through the lens.


Picnicking is a leisurely and enjoyable activity for RV campers looking for a relaxing way to savor the park’s natural surroundings. The park offers designated picnic areas with tables and grills providing an inviting setting for al fresco dining and enjoying quality time with family and friends amidst the peaceful ambiance of Lake Texoma.

Wildflower Viewing

Spring brings a burst of vibrant colors to Lake Texoma State Park as wildflowers bloom across the landscape. RV campers can take leisurely strolls along the park’s trails and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. Keep an eye out for lupine Indian paintbrush and other native wildflowers that add a pop of color to the scenery creating enchanting scenes for nature enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts alike.

Season-specific experiences in Lake Texoma State Park

Wildflower Viewing

Spring brings a burst of vibrant colors to Lake Texoma State Park as wildflowers bloom across the landscape. Take a leisurely stroll along the park’s trails and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Keep an eye out for lupine Indian paintbrush and other native wildflowers that add a pop of color to the scenery.


Spring is a prime time for birdwatching at Lake Texoma State Park as migratory birds return and nesting activity increases. Grab your binoculars and head to the park’s birding hotspots to spot a variety of avian species including warblers orioles and tanagers as they flit among the trees and forage for food.

Historical Sites

History enthusiasts can explore the park’s historical sites such as the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site located within a short drive from Lake Texoma. This significant historical landmark offers a glimpse into the area’s past providing insights into the events of the Southern Plains Indian Wars and the legacy of the Cheyenne people.

Photography Opportunities

Springtime at Lake Texoma State Park presents captivating photography opportunities from the blooming wildflowers to the scenic vistas. Capture the beauty of the season through your lens whether it’s the colorful display of wildflowers the tranquil waters of the lake or the lush greenery that blankets the park during this rejuvenating time of year.

Nature Watching

Springtime brings renewed activity in the park’s natural habitats offering opportunities for nature watching. Keep an eye out for deer rabbits and other wildlife as they become more active during the spring months. The park’s diverse ecosystems come to life providing a delightful experience for nature enthusiasts.

Water Recreation

The summer months are perfect for water-based activities at Lake Texoma. Visitors can indulge in swimming boating and watersports taking advantage of the refreshing waters of the lake. Whether it’s leisurely paddling in a kayak water skiing or simply lounging on the beach the park’s aquatic playground provides a cool respite from the summer heat.


Summer is an ideal time for fishing enthusiasts to cast their lines into the waters of Lake Texoma. The warm weather brings an abundance of fish including striped bass catfish and crappie making it a prime season for angling adventures. Whether from the shore a boat or one of the park’s fishing piers RV campers can look forward to memorable fishing experiences.


While the summer heat can be intense early morning or late afternoon hikes along the park’s shaded trails offer opportunities for outdoor exploration without the peak sun exposure. The park’s diverse trails provide scenic routes for hikers to immerse themselves in nature from lakeside paths to wooded areas allowing for enjoyable and active outdoor experiences.

Wildlife Watching

Summer brings increased wildlife activity in the park making it an opportune time for wildlife watching. From deer and raccoons to a variety of bird species the park’s natural habitats come alive with wildlife sightings. RV campers can observe and photograph the park’s inhabitants adding a touch of nature’s wonder to their summer adventures.

Fall Foliage Viewing

As the leaves change color the park’s landscapes transform into a stunning tapestry of reds oranges and yellows. RV campers can take in the breathtaking fall foliage by hiking along the park’s trails or embarking on scenic drives capturing the beauty of the changing seasons through photography.

Bird Migration

Fall marks the season for bird migration making it an exciting time for birdwatching at Lake Texoma State Park. Visitors can witness the spectacle of migratory birds as they pass through the area offering opportunities to observe a diverse array of bird species as they make their journey southward.

Campfire Gatherings

The cooler temperatures of fall create the perfect ambiance for cozy campfire gatherings. RV campers can enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire share stories roast marshmallows and savor the camaraderie of the camping experience while embracing the autumnal atmosphere.

Nature Walks

The fall season invites RV campers to take leisurely nature walks through the park’s woodlands and meadows. The crisp air and vibrant foliage provide an ideal backdrop for exploring the park’s natural beauty offering peaceful and rejuvenating experiences for those seeking a more relaxed outdoor pursuit during the autumn months.

Scenic Winter Walks

The park’s trails take on a tranquil charm in winter inviting RV campers to embark on scenic walks through the snow-dusted landscapes. The peaceful ambiance and the beauty of the winter scenery create an ideal backdrop for leisurely strolls and nature exploration.

Wildlife Observation

Winter provides unique opportunities for observing wildlife in the park. With the foliage thinned out RV campers may have better visibility for spotting deer birds and other wildlife as they adapt to the seasonal changes. The park’s quieter atmosphere during winter can enhance the wildlife viewing experience.


Winter’s soft light and the park’s serene landscapes offer captivating opportunities for photography. RV campers can capture the park’s winter wonderland from frost-covered trees to the peaceful shores of the lake creating memorable images of the seasonal beauty.

Cozy Camping

Embracing the winter chill RV campers can enjoy cozy camping experiences whether in an RV or a well-equipped tent. Gathering around a campfire and savoring hot beverages while taking in the winter scenery can create memorable moments during the colder months.