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Lapine State Park is a gem for RV camping enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, rich history, and an array of recreational activities. Nestled in the heart of Central Oregon, this park provides an idyllic setting for a memorable outdoor getaway.

The park holds significant cultural and historical value, as it was originally inhabited by the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. The area’s indigenous roots add a layer of depth to the park’s allure, inviting visitors to appreciate its heritage while enjoying its natural splendor.

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RV Rentals in Lapine State Park


When visiting Lapine State Park private vehicle travel is the most convenient option for getting around. The park can be accessed from Highway 97 and visitors can enter from the north or south entrances. It’s important to note that there are restrictions on rig sizes with the maximum length for RVs set at 35 feet. This ensures that visitors can navigate the park’s roads and access camping areas without any limitations based on vehicle size.

Lapine State Park offers designated RV camping areas with ample parking spaces for RVs. Overnight parking outside of designated campsites is not permitted. It is recommended to camp with an RV within the park to fully enjoy the convenience of staying amidst the natural beauty and easily accessing the park’s various attractions and recreational opportunities.

Lapine State Park does not offer public transportation or shuttle buses within the park. However visitors can explore the park using the network of walking paths and hiking trails that wind through the picturesque landscape. These paths provide an excellent way to experience the park’s natural beauty on foot and access its various points of interest while enjoying the tranquility of the outdoors.

Top Campsites in Lapine State Park

Bend-Sunriver RV Campground

Located near Lapine State Park this highly sought-after campground offers 283 spacious sites surrounded by towering pines. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities including swimming in the pool playing mini-golf and attending outdoor movie nights. The campground is pet-friendly and open year-round accommodating RVs and trailers up to 45 feet in length.

Cascade Meadows RV Resort

Situated in a serene setting just a short drive from Lapine State Park Cascade Meadows RV Resort features 105 full-hookup sites with stunning views of the Cascade Mountains. Guests can partake in activities such as fishing in the on-site pond playing horseshoes and gathering around the communal fire pit. The resort is pet-friendly and open from April to October welcoming RVs and trailers of all sizes.

Crown Villa RV Resort

Offering 99 luxurious RV sites Crown Villa RV Resort is a popular choice for those seeking upscale amenities near Lapine State Park. The resort boasts a clubhouse fitness center and beautifully landscaped grounds. Guests can enjoy activities such as bocce ball pickleball and social events. The resort is pet-friendly open year-round and accommodates RVs and trailers up to 45 feet in length.

Bend-Sisters Garden RV Resort

Nestled in a picturesque location near Lapine State Park this charming resort features 75 spacious RV sites surrounded by lush gardens. Visitors can engage in activities such as birdwatching strolling through the scenic grounds and relaxing by the tranquil pond. The resort is pet-friendly open from May to October and can accommodate RVs and trailers up to 40 feet in length.

South Loop Campground

Lapine State Park’s South Loop offers 54 first-come first-served campsites providing a rustic and tranquil setting for visitors. The campground is open from April through October welcoming RVs and trailers up to 35 feet in length. Accommodations include fire pits picnic tables and access to potable water. The South Loop Campground is pet-friendly allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the park with their furry companions.

West Loop Campground

With 54 first-come first-served campsites Lapine State Park’s West Loop provides a peaceful retreat amidst the scenic surroundings. The campground is open from May to September and can accommodate RVs and trailers up to 35 feet in length. Campers can enjoy basic amenities such as fire pits picnic tables and access to potable water. The West Loop Campground is pet-friendly allowing guests to explore the park’s trails and outdoor attractions with their pets by their side.

Frontier Campground

Lapine State Park’s Frontier Campground offers 39 first-come first-served campsites providing a rustic camping experience for outdoor enthusiasts. The campground is open from May through September and can accommodate RVs and trailers up to 35 feet in length. Visitors can enjoy basic amenities such as fire pits picnic tables and access to potable water. The Frontier Campground is pet-friendly allowing guests to bring their four-legged companions along for a memorable outdoor adventure.

If the campsites within Lapine State Park are at capacity RV renters have several alternative camping options in the vicinity to consider.

Private Campgrounds

Nearby private campgrounds such as Twin Lakes Resort and Crane Prairie Resort offer RV camping facilities with a range of amenities. These private campgrounds typically provide full-hookup sites restroom facilities and recreational activities such as fishing boating and hiking. While availability may vary these private campgrounds can serve as convenient alternatives for RV renters seeking a comfortable and well-equipped camping experience near Lapine State Park.

Backcountry Camping

For those seeking a more rugged and secluded camping experience backcountry camping in the surrounding Deschutes National Forest presents an appealing option. RV renters can explore dispersed camping areas within the forest offering a chance to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy a sense of solitude. It’s important to note that backcountry camping requires careful planning and adherence to Leave No Trace principles to minimize environmental impact.

These alternative camping options provide RV renters with flexibility and additional choices when seeking accommodations near Lapine State Park ensuring that they can still enjoy the natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities in the area even when the park’s campsites are fully booked.


Lapine State Park is renowned for its scenic hiking trails offering opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the park’s diverse terrain. The popular Deschutes River Trail provides stunning views of the river and canyons while the Rimrock Trail showcases unique rock formations. Hikers can also venture along the picturesque Pine Marten Trail which winds through pine forests and meadows providing an immersive nature experience.


The Deschutes River which flows through Lapine State Park is a prime destination for fishing enthusiasts. Anglers can cast their lines in the river’s tranquil waters known for its abundance of rainbow trout and whitefish. The park’s various fishing spots such as Big Eddy and Benham Falls offer serene settings for a relaxing day of angling amidst the natural beauty of the park.


RV campers with a passion for cycling will find an array of scenic biking opportunities in Lapine State Park. The park features a network of multi-use trails that cater to mountain biking and leisurely cycling. The Lava Island Trail and Benham Falls Loop are popular choices providing riders with a chance to pedal through forests and along the Deschutes River offering a delightful blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventure.

Wildlife Viewing

Lapine State Park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts offering opportunities to observe a variety of native species in their natural habitat. Visitors can spot deer elk and a diverse array of birdlife while exploring the park’s trails and meadows. The diverse ecosystems within the park create an ideal environment for wildlife viewing making it a popular activity for RV campers seeking to connect with nature and observe the local fauna.


With its rich birdlife and diverse habitats Lapine State Park is a paradise for birdwatchers. The park’s wetlands forests and riverbanks provide habitats for a wide range of avian species including woodpeckers warblers and raptors. Birdwatching enthusiasts can explore the park’s trails and designated birding areas to observe and appreciate the diverse birdlife that calls Lapine State Park home.

Scenic Drives

For RV campers seeking a more relaxed way to appreciate the park’s beauty scenic drives offer a delightful alternative. The Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway which passes through the park provides stunning vistas of snow-capped mountains pristine lakes and lush forests. The drive offers numerous pullouts and viewpoints including the picturesque Sparks Lake where visitors can capture breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Nature Watching

Lapine State Park is a haven for nature enthusiasts who prefer observing the park’s flora and fauna at a leisurely pace. The park’s serene meadows and woodland areas provide opportunities to spot a variety of wildlife from deer and squirrels to a diverse array of bird species. Visitors can enjoy peaceful strolls along the park’s trails keeping an eye out for the natural wonders that abound making it an ideal activity for those who prefer a more tranquil outdoor experience.


RV campers with a passion for photography will find an abundance of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities throughout Lapine State Park. From the tranquil shores of the Deschutes River to the vibrant wildflower meadows in spring the park offers a diverse range of scenic backdrops for capturing stunning images. Iconic spots such as Benham Falls and Lava Island provide captivating subjects for landscape photography while the park’s abundant wildlife and lush forests offer ample opportunities for nature photography.


For a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor experience RV campers can partake in leisurely picnics amidst Lapine State Park’s picturesque surroundings. The park offers designated picnic areas with tables and grills providing the perfect setting for a peaceful meal surrounded by nature. Visitors can savor a picnic lunch while taking in the tranquil ambiance of the park making it an ideal activity for those seeking a laid-back and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Sunset Viewing

Lapine State Park’s scenic beauty is accentuated by breathtaking sunsets offering RV campers a serene and captivating way to end the day. The park’s open meadows and riverbanks provide ideal vantage points for witnessing the vibrant hues of the setting sun as it casts a warm glow over the landscape. Whether capturing the moment with a camera or simply savoring the tranquil ambiance sunset viewing offers a serene and memorable way to appreciate the park’s natural splendor.

Season-specific experiences in Lapine State Park

Wildflower Viewing

Spring brings an explosion of vibrant wildflowers to Lapine State Park transforming the meadows and woodlands into a kaleidoscope of colors. Visitors can embark on leisurely walks along the park’s trails such as the Deschutes River Trail and the Pine Marten Trail to witness the stunning display of lupine Indian paintbrush and other native wildflowers in full bloom. The meadows near the park’s southern entrance are particularly renowned for their wildflower abundance offering a picturesque setting for nature enthusiasts and photographers to appreciate the seasonal beauty.


Springtime in Lapine State Park heralds the arrival of migratory bird species making it an ideal season for birdwatching enthusiasts. The park’s diverse habitats provide nesting and foraging grounds for a variety of avian species including warblers woodpeckers and raptors. Visitors can explore the park’s wetlands and woodland areas to observe the colorful plumage and captivating behaviors of the springtime bird residents creating a rewarding and immersive experience for birdwatching enthusiasts.

Historical Landmarks

Spring offers an opportune time for RV campers to explore the park’s historical landmarks such as the remnants of the historic Benham Falls Hydroelectric Project. The site provides a glimpse into the region’s industrial history and offers a fascinating backdrop for historical enthusiasts to learn about the area’s past. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll to the site located near the Deschutes River and explore the remnants of the hydroelectric project gaining insight into the park’s historical significance.

Wildlife Photography

Springtime in Lapine State Park presents an ideal opportunity for wildlife photography as the season brings a flurry of activity among the park’s resident fauna. From deer grazing in the meadows to bird species engaged in courtship displays the park’s diverse ecosystems offer captivating subjects for photographers. Visitors can capture stunning images of the park’s wildlife against the backdrop of blooming wildflowers and lush greenery creating memorable and evocative photographs that encapsulate the essence of spring in Lapine State Park.

Nature Walks

Spring invites RV campers to partake in leisurely nature walks within Lapine State Park offering a chance to revel in the rejuvenation of the natural landscape. The park’s trails such as the Deschutes River Trail and the Rimrock Trail provide serene settings for gentle strolls amidst the seasonal beauty. Visitors can immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of spring from the vibrant wildflowers to the melodic calls of songbirds creating a tranquil and rejuvenating experience that allows for a deeper connection with the park’s natural splendor.

Water Activities

The summer season beckons visitors to indulge in water-based activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding on the tranquil waters of the Deschutes River. RV campers can embark on leisurely paddling excursions exploring the river’s scenic beauty and perhaps even spotting wildlife along the shoreline. The park’s calm and inviting waters provide an ideal setting for water enthusiasts to savor the serenity of the river while engaging in refreshing and enjoyable activities.

Riverside Relaxation

The summer months provide the perfect opportunity for RV campers to unwind and relax along the banks of the Deschutes River. Visitors can bask in the warm sunshine enjoy picnics by the water or simply lounge in the shade of the riverside trees savoring the tranquil ambiance and scenic beauty that the riverfront offers. Whether it’s reading a book enjoying a riverside meal or simply soaking in the peaceful atmosphere the riverside areas of Lapine State Park provide a serene and rejuvenating retreat for summer relaxation.

Evening Campfires

Summer evenings in Lapine State Park are ideal for gathering around a crackling campfire sharing stories and enjoying the company of fellow campers. The park’s designated campfire areas provide a cozy and inviting setting for RV campers to unwind and socialize creating a sense of camaraderie and warmth amidst the natural beauty of the park. Whether it’s roasting marshmallows sharing tales of the day’s adventures or simply enjoying the mesmerizing dance of the flames evening campfires offer a memorable and cherished summer tradition for campers in Lapine State Park.


The clear summer nights in Lapine State Park provide an excellent opportunity for stargazing enthusiasts to marvel at the celestial wonders above. RV campers can venture to open areas within the park away from artificial lights to behold the brilliance of the night sky. Whether it’s identifying constellations witnessing shooting stars or simply gazing at the vast expanse of stars overhead stargazing in the park offers a captivating and awe-inspiring experience that allows visitors to connect with the cosmos and appreciate the beauty of the night.

Fall Foliage

The autumn season brings a breathtaking display of fall foliage to Lapine State Park as the park’s woodlands and riverbanks become adorned with vibrant hues of red orange and gold. RV campers can partake in leisurely walks along the park’s trails such as the Deschutes River Trail and the Pine Marten Trail to immerse themselves in the stunning beauty of the changing leaves. The park’s diverse foliage creates a picturesque backdrop for nature enthusiasts and photographers to capture the essence of fall offering a captivating and immersive experience amidst the seasonal splendor.

Wildlife Migration

Fall marks the season of wildlife migration in Lapine State Park as various bird species and other wildlife prepare for their seasonal journeys. Visitors can witness the fascinating sight of migratory birds passing through the park adding an element of natural wonder to the fall landscape. The park’s wetlands and woodlands provide ideal habitats for observing the behaviors of migrating birds offering a unique and enriching experience for wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers.

Tranquil Nature Walks

The crisp and invigorating air of fall sets the stage for serene and rejuvenating nature walks within Lapine State Park. RV campers can explore the park’s trails such as the Rimrock Trail and the Deschutes River Trail to revel in the tranquility of the autumn landscape. The park’s peaceful woodlands and meadows offer a serene setting for leisurely strolls allowing visitors to savor the sights and sounds of fall from the rustling of fallen leaves to the melodic calls of migrating birds creating a tranquil and immersive experience that celebrates the seasonal beauty of the park.


Fall in Lapine State Park provides a captivating backdrop for photography enthusiasts with the park’s vibrant foliage and seasonal landscapes offering an array of striking photo opportunities. RV campers can capture the rich colors of fall from the golden leaves of aspen trees to the crimson hues of vine maples creating evocative and captivating images that encapsulate the essence of the season. Iconic spots within the park such as the Deschutes River and the meadows near the southern entrance provide excellent subjects for landscape photography offering a chance for visitors to document the beauty of fall in Lapine State Park.


The winter landscape of Lapine State Park transforms into a winter wonderland offering opportunities for snowshoeing enthusiasts to explore the park’s trails amidst the pristine snow. Visitors can traverse the park’s scenic trails such as the Deschutes River Trail and the Rimrock Trail on snowshoes immersing themselves in the tranquility of the winter landscape. The park’s snow-covered woodlands and meadows provide a picturesque backdrop for snowshoeing adventures allowing visitors to savor the serene ambiance and breathtaking beauty of the winter season.

Cross-Country Skiing

Lapine State Park’s snowy terrain provides an inviting setting for cross-country skiing offering a delightful way for RV campers to experience the winter landscape. The park’s network of trails including the Deschutes River Trail and the Pine Marten Trail caters to cross-country skiers of all skill levels providing opportunities to glide through the snow-covered woodlands and meadows. The park’s peaceful and scenic environment creates an ideal backdrop for cross-country skiing allowing visitors to revel in the invigorating and immersive experience of winter recreation amidst the natural beauty of the park.

Winter Wildlife Viewing

The winter season in Lapine State Park offers unique opportunities for wildlife viewing as the park’s resident fauna adapts to the seasonal changes. RV campers can observe the behaviors of winter wildlife from deer foraging in the snow to bird species seeking food and shelter in the park’s woodlands. The tranquil and snow-covered landscape creates a captivating setting for observing the park’s wildlife offering a serene and immersive experience that celebrates the resilience and adaptability of the park’s fauna in the winter season.

Tranquil Nature Walks

The winter ambiance of Lapine State Park provides an inviting setting for leisurely nature walks allowing visitors to embrace the serenity and beauty of the winter landscape. RV campers can explore the park’s trails such as the Deschutes River Trail and the Rimrock Trail to savor the tranquility and scenic allure of the winter season. The park’s snow-dusted woodlands and meadows offer a serene and rejuvenating backdrop for nature walks allowing visitors to appreciate the subtle beauty of winter from the glistening snow to the peaceful ambiance that envelops the park during this season.

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