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Lewey Lake Campground is a gem for RV camping enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and a rich historical legacy. Nestled in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, this campground provides a serene and picturesque setting for travelers seeking an unforgettable outdoor experience.

The campground holds significant historical and cultural value, as it is situated on the ancestral lands of the Mohawk and Abenaki tribes. These indigenous communities have long revered the area for its natural abundance and spiritual significance, adding a layer of cultural heritage to the campground’s landscape.

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RV Rentals in Lewey Lake Campground


When visiting Lewey Lake Campground private vehicles are the primary mode of transportation. The campground can be accessed from various entrances including Route 30 for those approaching from the south and Route 28 for visitors arriving from the north. It’s important to note that there are restrictions on rig sizes within the campground with maximum vehicle lengths specified to ensure safe and convenient navigation of the park’s roads and campsites.

Lewey Lake Campground offers designated RV parking areas within the park providing convenient accommodation for travelers with recreational vehicles. Overnight parking outside of designated campsites is not permitted. It is recommended to camp with an RV within the park to fully immerse in the natural surroundings and easily access the park’s amenities and attractions. Exploring the area using alternative transportation methods such as hiking or biking can complement the RV camping experience.

Lewey Lake Campground does not offer public transportation or shuttle buses within the park. However visitors can explore the area on foot using the network of walking paths and trails that wind through the campground and its picturesque surroundings. Walking paths provide an excellent way to experience the natural beauty of the park while enjoying leisurely strolls and access to various points of interest.

Top Campsites in Lewey Lake Campground

1. Lake Durant Campground

Located near Lewey Lake Campground Lake Durant Campground is a sought-after destination with 91 campsites offering a serene setting for outdoor enthusiasts. The campground provides opportunities for fishing boating and hiking and amenities include picnic areas showers and a boat launch. Lake Durant Campground is pet-friendly and operates from May to October accommodating RVs and trailers up to 30 feet in length.

2. Lewey Lake Campground

Situated amidst the Adirondack Mountains Lewey Lake Campground features 206 campsites and offers a picturesque lakeside retreat. Visitors can enjoy fishing kayaking and hiking trails with amenities such as picnic areas boat rentals and a sandy beach. The campground is pet-friendly open from late May to early September and welcomes RVs and trailers of varying sizes.

3. Limekiln Lake Campground

Limekiln Lake Campground located in the vicinity of Lewey Lake boasts 271 campsites and provides access to swimming fishing and nature trails. The campground offers amenities such as a sandy beach boat rentals and picnic areas. It is pet-friendly open from May to September and accommodates RVs and trailers up to 30 feet in length.

4. Old Forge Camping Resort

Old Forge Camping Resort a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts offers 132 campsites and a range of activities including swimming fishing and hiking. The resort features amenities such as a camp store laundry facilities and a playground. Pet-friendly and open from May to October the resort welcomes RVs and trailers of various sizes providing a charming retreat near Lewey Lake Campground.

1. Poplar Point Campground

Poplar Point Campground offers 35 first-come-first-served campsites providing a tranquil retreat within the Adirondack Park. The campground is open from late May to early September offering accommodations for RVs and trailers of varying sizes. Visitors can enjoy the serene surroundings and engage in activities such as fishing hiking and wildlife viewing. The campground is pet-friendly welcoming furry companions to join in the outdoor adventures.

2. Buck Pond Campground

Buck Pond Campground features 116 first-come-first-served sites inviting campers to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Adirondack Mountains. The campground operates from May to October and caters to RVs and trailers of up to 30 feet in length. Campers can partake in activities like boating fishing and birdwatching while enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the park. Buck Pond Campground is pet-friendly allowing guests to bring their four-legged friends along for a memorable outdoor experience.

3. Forked Lake Campground

Forked Lake Campground offers 80 first-come-first-served sites providing a rustic and scenic setting for campers seeking an authentic outdoor getaway. The campground is open from late May to mid-September accommodating RVs and trailers of various sizes. Visitors can indulge in activities such as paddling fishing and hiking surrounded by the natural splendor of the Adirondack wilderness. Forked Lake Campground is pet-friendly allowing campers to share the adventure with their beloved pets.

Private Campgrounds

In the event that campsites within Lewey Lake Campground are fully booked RV renters can explore private campgrounds in the vicinity. Options such as the Lake George RV Park and the Adirondack Gateway RV Resort & Campground offer a range of amenities and accommodations for RV campers. These private campgrounds often provide full hookups recreational facilities and organized activities ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience for visitors. Additionally private campgrounds may offer additional services such as camp stores laundry facilities and WiFi access catering to the diverse needs of RV renters seeking alternative camping options.

Backcountry Camping

For adventurers seeking a more rugged and secluded camping experience backcountry camping in the surrounding Adirondack Park presents an enticing option. With proper permits and adherence to backcountry regulations RV renters can explore designated backcountry camping areas such as those near the High Peaks Wilderness where they can immerse themselves in the untamed wilderness and enjoy a true outdoor escape. Backcountry camping allows for a deeper connection with nature and the opportunity to discover remote and pristine landscapes making it an appealing alternative for those seeking a more off-the-grid camping experience near Lewey Lake Campground.


Hiking is a beloved activity at Lewey Lake Campground with a variety of trails catering to all skill levels. The nearby Indian Lake Islands Campground offers access to scenic trails including the Castle Rock Trail known for its panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. Hikers can also explore the nearby Siamese Ponds Wilderness where trails wind through lush forests past pristine lakes and offer opportunities for wildlife sightings.


Fishing enthusiasts are drawn to the abundant waters of Lewey Lake where they can cast their lines in search of trout bass and perch. The lake’s tranquil setting provides an ideal environment for both shore and boat fishing. Additionally nearby waterways such as the Indian River and Indian Lake offer further angling opportunities ensuring that RV campers can enjoy a fulfilling fishing experience amidst the natural beauty of the Adirondack region.

Kayaking and Canoeing

The calm waters of Lewey Lake beckon kayakers and canoeists to explore its serene expanse surrounded by the rugged beauty of the Adirondack Mountains. Paddlers can venture along the shoreline taking in the scenic vistas and perhaps even encountering local wildlife such as loons and osprey. The peaceful ambiance of the lake provides an idyllic backdrop for leisurely paddling and nature appreciation.


Birdwatching is a popular pastime for nature enthusiasts visiting Lewey Lake Campground. The diverse habitats in the area including forests wetlands and lakeshores attract a wide variety of bird species. Birdwatchers can spot osprey bald eagles warblers and a host of other avian residents and migratory visitors. The tranquil surroundings and rich birdlife make Lewey Lake Campground an ideal destination for birdwatching enthusiasts.


Cycling enthusiasts can explore the scenic roads and trails surrounding Lewey Lake Campground offering opportunities for both leisurely rides and more challenging mountain biking adventures. The nearby Moose River Plains Wild Forest features a network of unpaved roads and trails providing a picturesque setting for cyclists to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Adirondack Park while enjoying the thrill of off-road biking.

Scenic Drives

For RV campers seeking a more relaxed way to appreciate the natural beauty of the Adirondack region scenic drives offer a perfect opportunity to soak in the stunning landscapes without strenuous physical activity. The nearby Adirondack Trail provides picturesque routes including the Central Adirondack Trail and the Adirondack Lakes Trail offering captivating views of mountains forests and pristine lakes making for an enjoyable and leisurely exploration of the area’s scenic splendor.

Nature Watching

Nature enthusiasts can indulge in peaceful nature watching at Lewey Lake Campground where the serene surroundings provide an ideal setting for observing the local flora and fauna. Visitors can keep an eye out for wildlife such as deer beavers and a variety of bird species as well as the vibrant display of wildflowers that bloom seasonally creating charming photo opportunities and moments of tranquil nature appreciation.


The picturesque landscapes and natural beauty of Lewey Lake Campground offer abundant opportunities for captivating photography attracting RV campers with a passion for capturing stunning vistas and unique moments in nature. From the reflective waters of the lake to the lush greenery and majestic mountain backdrops the campground provides a wealth of Instagram-worthy photo spots allowing photographers to creatively document their outdoor adventures and the breathtaking scenery of the Adirondack Park.

Lakeside Relaxation

RV campers can simply unwind and enjoy lakeside relaxation at Lewey Lake Campground taking in the peaceful ambiance and scenic beauty of the tranquil waters and surrounding woodlands. Whether it’s lounging by the shore enjoying a picnic with a view or simply basking in the serenity of the natural surroundings the campground offers a serene escape for those seeking a more laid-back and contemplative outdoor experience.


The clear night skies above Lewey Lake Campground provide a captivating canvas for stargazing enthusiasts. Away from the glare of city lights campers can marvel at the celestial display overhead with the opportunity to observe constellations shooting stars and the Milky Way. The campground’s peaceful setting and unobstructed views make it an ideal location for an evening of celestial observation and awe-inspiring stargazing experiences.

Season-specific experiences in Lewey Lake Campground

Wildflower Viewing

Spring brings a burst of vibrant wildflowers to the area surrounding Lewey Lake Campground creating a picturesque backdrop for nature enthusiasts. The nearby trails and meadows come alive with colorful blooms such as trilliums violets and spring beauties offering delightful opportunities for wildflower viewing and photography. The lush greenery and blooming flora add a touch of natural beauty to the campground’s surroundings providing a captivating experience for RV campers seeking to immerse themselves in the seasonal charm of the Adirondack wilderness.


Spring is a prime time for birdwatching at Lewey Lake Campground as migratory birds return to the region and nesting activity abounds. The diverse habitats in the area attract a variety of bird species including warblers thrushes and waterfowl making it an ideal season for birdwatchers to observe and appreciate the avian residents and visitors. The tranquil ambiance of the campground and its natural surroundings offers a serene setting for birdwatching enthusiasts to enjoy the sights and sounds of springtime bird activity.

Historical Exploration

Spring offers an ideal opportunity for RV campers to explore the rich historical heritage of the Adirondack region. Nearby attractions such as the Adirondack Experience museum provide a fascinating journey through the history and culture of the Adirondack Park featuring exhibits on Native American history the region’s industrial past and the development of outdoor recreation in the area. Additionally historical sites such as the Great Camp Sagamore offer guided tours allowing visitors to step back in time and gain insight into the region’s storied past.


Spring marks the beginning of the fishing season at Lewey Lake Campground with anglers eagerly casting their lines into the pristine waters in search of trout bass and other fish species. The cool clear waters of Lewey Lake and nearby waterways provide excellent fishing opportunities with the chance to reel in a variety of freshwater catches amidst the tranquil and picturesque surroundings. Whether from the shore or a boat RV campers can enjoy the rejuvenating experience of springtime fishing in the Adirondack wilderness.


Spring heralds the awakening of the hiking trails surrounding Lewey Lake Campground as the snow melts and the landscape transforms into a lush and verdant paradise. RV campers can embark on invigorating hikes along the nearby trails such as the Northville-Placid Trail and the Siamese Ponds Wilderness where they can witness the renewal of nature encounter seasonal waterfalls and experience the breathtaking beauty of the Adirondack Mountains in springtime.

summer RV campers at Lewey Lake Campground can partake in a myriad of outdoor activities taking advantage of the warm weather and longer daylight hours. Boating and kayaking on the tranquil waters of Lewey Lake offer a refreshing way to explore the scenic shoreline and enjoy the picturesque surroundings. Fishing enthusiasts can indulge in leisurely angling seeking out a variety of fish species in the lake’s pristine waters. Hiking along the park’s scenic trails becomes an immersive experience with opportunities to discover hidden waterfalls lush forests and breathtaking mountain vistas. Additionally wildlife watching in the summer allows campers to observe the diverse flora and fauna including sightings of bald eagles deer and other native wildlife in their natural habitat.

During the fall Lewey Lake Campground offers RV campers a captivating display of autumnal beauty and a range of seasonal activities. Hiking becomes a scenic adventure as the surrounding forests and mountain slopes transform into a vibrant tapestry of red orange and gold hues. The trails provide a picturesque backdrop for nature enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the stunning fall foliage and capture breathtaking seasonal views. Fishing in the crisp cool air offers a serene and contemplative experience with the added allure of the surrounding landscapes adorned in autumn colors. Birdwatching becomes even more rewarding as migratory birds pass through the area adding a touch of seasonal diversity to the campground’s avian residents. Additionally fall photography opportunities abound with the natural splendor of the Adirondack wilderness providing a wealth of captivating scenes and Instagram-worthy moments.

In the winter Lewey Lake Campground transforms into a snowy wonderland offering RV campers a range of cold-weather activities. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing along the tranquil trails provide opportunities to explore the serene winter landscape and witness the park’s natural beauty in a new light. Ice fishing on the frozen surface of Lewey Lake becomes a popular pastime with anglers seeking to reel in fish through the icy depths. Winter photography enthusiasts can capture the campground’s stunning snow-covered scenery and the frosty beauty of the surrounding wilderness. For those seeking a cozy retreat winter camping at the campground offers a peaceful and secluded getaway allowing campers to experience the tranquility of the winter season amidst the pristine beauty of the Adirondack Mountains.