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Long Branch State Park is a prime destination for RV camping, offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and an array of recreational activities. Let’s delve into the reasons why this park is a sought-after spot for outdoor enthusiasts and RV renters alike.

Nestled in the heart of Missouri, Long Branch State Park boasts a rich history and cultural significance. The park’s origins can be traced back to the 1930s when it was established as a conservation area to protect the region’s natural resources. Over the years, it has evolved into a beloved recreational haven, attracting visitors with its diverse landscapes and serene ambiance.

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RV Rentals in Long Branch State Park


Visitors to Long Branch State Park can access the park via private vehicle with multiple entrances providing convenient entry points. The park is easily reachable from Highway 36 and various signs guide visitors to the different areas within the park. When it comes to rig sizes it’s important to note that there are restrictions on RV lengths with the maximum allowable size typically around 60 feet. It’s advisable to check the specific guidelines and restrictions before planning your visit to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Long Branch State Park offers designated RV camping areas equipped with ample parking spaces for RVs. Overnight parking outside of designated campsites is not permitted. It’s recommended to camp with an RV within the park’s designated areas to fully enjoy the convenience and amenities provided. While alternative transportation methods can enhance the exploration of the park’s trails and attractions having your RV as a home base offers a comfortable and convenient way to experience all that Long Branch State Park has to offer.

Long Branch State Park primarily relies on private transportation and there are no shuttle buses or public transportation options within the park. Visitors can navigate the park’s attractions and amenities using personal vehicles bicycles or by walking along the designated trails. With its scenic roadways and well-maintained pathways exploring the park at a leisurely pace allows for a deeper connection with the natural surroundings and a more immersive outdoor experience.

Top Campsites in Long Branch State Park

1. Long Branch State Park Campground

Located within the state park this campground is a favorite among visitors. It offers 60 spacious and well-maintained campsites providing a serene setting for RV and tent camping. The campground is pet-friendly and features amenities such as electric hookups modern restrooms and a playground. Visitors can enjoy fishing boating and hiking with easy access to the park’s recreational facilities. The campground operates from early spring to late fall and accommodates RVs and trailers of various sizes making it a versatile choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Macon-Atlanta State Park

Situated near Long Branch State Park Macon-Atlanta State Park offers 45 campsites surrounded by scenic woodlands. The pet-friendly campground provides electric hookups showers and a boat launch area. Outdoor activities include fishing birdwatching and nature trails providing a tranquil retreat for campers. The campground is open from spring to fall and welcomes RVs and trailers within specified size limits ensuring a comfortable stay for visitors.

3. Moberly KOA Holiday

Moberly KOA Holiday is a sought-after camping destination with 50 RV sites offering a mix of full hookups and amenities such as a swimming pool dog park and organized activities. The pet-friendly campground provides a welcoming atmosphere for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Open year-round it accommodates various RV and trailer sizes making it an ideal choice for those seeking a well-equipped and vibrant camping experience.

4. Macon KOA Journey

Macon KOA Journey is a convenient camping option with 40 RV sites and a range of amenities including full hookups a dog park and a playground. The pet-friendly campground is open year-round providing a cozy retreat for travelers. With easy access to recreational trails and nearby attractions it offers a relaxing and accommodating environment for RV and trailer camping making it a popular choice for those exploring the Long Branch State Park area.

1. Deer Run Campground

Deer Run Campground offers 25 first-come-first-served campsites providing a rustic and tranquil setting for outdoor enthusiasts. Open from late spring to early fall the campground welcomes RVs and trailers of various sizes catering to a range of camping preferences. The accommodations include picnic tables fire rings and access to potable water offering a comfortable and convenient camping experience. Pet-friendly the campground allows visitors to bring their furry companions to enjoy the natural surroundings and outdoor activities.

2. Cedar Ridge Campground

Cedar Ridge Campground features 30 first-come-first-served campsites nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of Long Branch State Park. Open from spring to fall the campground accommodates RVs and trailers providing a serene escape for campers. The sites offer picnic tables fire pits and access to restroom facilities ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free camping experience. Pet-friendly the campground allows visitors to bring their pets to partake in the outdoor adventures and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the park.

3. Oak Hollow Campground

Oak Hollow Campground boasts 20 first-come-first-served campsites offering a peaceful retreat for spontaneous campers. Open from early spring to late fall the campground caters to RVs and trailers providing a cozy and scenic environment for outdoor stays. The sites feature picnic areas fire pits and access to restroom facilities enhancing the camping experience for visitors. Pet-friendly the campground welcomes furry companions allowing campers to explore the natural beauty of Long Branch State Park alongside their beloved pets.

Private Campgrounds

In the event that campsites within Long Branch State Park are at full capacity RV renters can explore nearby private campgrounds as alternative options. Facilities such as Thousand Trails Lake of the Woods Macon-Atlanta State Park and Moberly KOA Holiday offer additional camping opportunities with a range of amenities including full hookups recreational facilities and a welcoming atmosphere. These private campgrounds provide a convenient alternative for those seeking a comfortable and well-equipped camping experience near Long Branch State Park.

Backcountry Camping

For RV renters seeking a more adventurous and secluded camping experience backcountry camping in the surrounding areas presents an enticing option. With proper permits and adherence to Leave No Trace principles campers can explore designated backcountry areas near Long Branch State Park such as Mark Twain National Forest which offers primitive camping opportunities amidst the natural splendor of the region. While backcountry camping requires careful planning and preparation it provides a unique way to connect with the wilderness and enjoy a more remote camping experience.

These alternative options cater to diverse preferences offering flexibility for RV renters when seeking camping accommodations near Long Branch State Park. Whether opting for the convenience of private campgrounds or the allure of backcountry camping visitors can find suitable options to complement their outdoor adventures in the vicinity of the park.

Hiking and Nature Trails

Long Branch State Park boasts a network of scenic hiking trails that cater to outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels. The trails meander through woodlands offering captivating views of the lake and the surrounding natural beauty. The popular Lakeside Trail provides a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge while the Woodland Trail offers a more immersive forest experience. These well-maintained trails are ideal for hikers and nature lovers seeking to explore the diverse landscapes of the park.

Fishing and Boating

Fishing and boating are popular pastimes at Long Branch Lake attracting anglers and water enthusiasts alike. The expansive lake provides ample opportunities for fishing with species such as bass crappie and catfish abundant in its waters. Boating enthusiasts can launch their vessels from designated areas and explore the tranquil expanse of the lake soaking in the serene ambiance and picturesque surroundings.

Birdwatching and Wildlife Observation

The park’s diverse habitats and abundant wildlife make it an ideal destination for birdwatching and wildlife observation. Birdwatchers can spot a variety of avian species including bald eagles herons and woodpeckers while wildlife enthusiasts may encounter deer foxes and other native animals in their natural habitats. The park’s serene environment and rich biodiversity create a rewarding experience for those seeking to connect with nature and observe the local wildlife.

Biking and Cycling

The park offers designated biking and cycling opportunities allowing riders to explore the scenic landscapes on two wheels. Cyclists can traverse the park’s paved and gravel trails enjoying a blend of natural beauty and invigorating outdoor activity. The gentle terrain and captivating views make biking and cycling a popular choice for visitors looking to immerse themselves in the park’s serene surroundings while engaging in a recreational adventure.

Picnicking and Relaxation

Long Branch State Park provides picturesque picnic areas nestled amidst the natural splendor inviting visitors to unwind and savor the tranquil ambiance. With scenic views of the lake and shaded spots for relaxation the park’s picnic areas offer an idyllic setting for leisurely meals and outdoor gatherings. Whether enjoying a family picnic or simply basking in the peaceful surroundings these designated areas provide a perfect retreat for relaxation and enjoyment.

Scenic Overlooks and Vista Points

For RV campers seeking captivating vistas and photo opportunities Long Branch State Park offers several scenic overlooks and vista points. These vantage points provide panoramic views of the tranquil lake lush woodlands and the surrounding natural landscapes making them ideal spots for sightseeing and capturing stunning photographs. Visitors can savor the beauty of the park from these elevated viewpoints immersing themselves in the picturesque scenery without engaging in strenuous outdoor activities.

Nature Photography and Wildlife Watching

Nature photography and wildlife watching present a leisurely and rewarding way to appreciate the park’s natural splendor. RV campers can indulge in capturing the park’s diverse flora and fauna from vibrant wildflowers to graceful waterfowl offering an opportunity to connect with nature through the lens of a camera. The park’s tranquil settings and abundant wildlife provide an ideal backdrop for capturing memorable moments and observing the beauty of the natural world.

Relaxing Lakeside Strolls

Lakeside strolls along the tranquil shores of Long Branch Lake offer a serene and leisurely way to enjoy the park’s natural surroundings. RV campers can take unhurried walks along the water’s edge basking in the peaceful ambiance and taking in the scenic beauty of the lake. These leisurely strolls provide an opportunity for relaxation and contemplation allowing visitors to unwind and appreciate the calming presence of the water and the surrounding landscapes.

Picnicking and Lakeside Lounging

Long Branch State Park’s lakeside picnic areas offer a delightful setting for RV campers to enjoy alfresco dining and lakeside lounging. With shaded spots and scenic views of the lake these designated areas provide a perfect retreat for leisurely picnics social gatherings and moments of relaxation. Visitors can savor the tranquil ambiance and picturesque surroundings while indulging in a leisurely lakeside picnic creating lasting memories in a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Wildflower Viewing and Botanical Delights

For those seeking a more relaxed and visually captivating experience the park’s wildflower viewing opportunities and botanical delights offer a refreshing alternative. RV campers can meander along designated trails and open spaces marveling at the vibrant display of wildflowers and native flora. The park’s diverse plant life and seasonal blooms create a visually stunning backdrop providing an opportunity for a leisurely and visually enriching outdoor experience.

Season-specific experiences in Long Branch State Park

Wildflower Viewing

Spring brings a burst of vibrant wildflowers to Long Branch State Park creating a captivating display of natural beauty. Visitors can explore the park’s meadows and woodlands to witness the colorful blooms of native wildflowers including bluebells daffodils and trilliums. The park’s designated trails and open spaces provide ideal locations for wildflower viewing offering a delightful opportunity to immerse in the seasonal flora and capture stunning photographs amidst the blossoming landscapes.

Spring Bird Migration

As spring unfolds Long Branch State Park becomes a haven for birdwatchers as migratory bird species return to the region. The park’s diverse habitats and serene surroundings attract a variety of migratory birds including warblers orioles and tanagers. RV campers can embark on birdwatching excursions along the park’s trails and lakeside areas where they may witness the vibrant plumage and melodic calls of these seasonal visitors creating a rewarding and enriching experience for bird enthusiasts.

Historic Sites and Interpretive Programs

Springtime at Long Branch State Park offers opportunities for RV campers to explore the park’s rich history through interpretive programs and visits to historic sites. The park’s interpretive center provides insights into the region’s cultural and natural heritage while guided tours and educational programs offer engaging experiences for history enthusiasts. Visitors can discover the park’s historical significance and learn about its past through a variety of interactive and informative activities adding a unique dimension to their springtime adventures.

Lakeside Relaxation and Sunset Views

Spring evenings at Long Branch State Park provide a serene setting for lakeside relaxation and sunset views. RV campers can unwind along the tranquil shores of Long Branch Lake savoring the peaceful ambiance and enjoying the captivating colors of the sunset reflecting on the water. Whether lounging by the lakeside or taking a leisurely stroll visitors can embrace the tranquility of the spring season and witness the stunning natural spectacle of the setting sun over the picturesque lake.

Seasonal Festivals and Events

Springtime in Long Branch State Park often brings a variety of seasonal festivals and events that appeal to RV campers. From nature-themed celebrations to cultural festivals the park hosts a range of events that showcase the beauty of the season and offer engaging activities for visitors. These events may include wildflower festivals birdwatching excursions and educational workshops providing an opportunity for campers to immerse themselves in the springtime ambiance and connect with the local community while enjoying the park’s seasonal offerings.

summer Long Branch State Park offers a plethora of recreational activities for RV campers to enjoy. From water-based adventures to outdoor events the summer season presents an array of enticing options. Boating and fishing on Long Branch Lake are popular summertime activities allowing campers to relish the refreshing waters and engage in leisurely or active pursuits. The park’s hiking trails provide opportunities for exploration amidst the lush greenery offering a chance to discover the diverse flora and fauna that thrive during the summer months. Additionally the park often hosts summer events such as nature workshops educational programs and family-friendly activities providing campers with engaging and enriching experiences while embracing the seasonal charm of Long Branch State Park.


During the fall Long Branch State Park offers a tapestry of seasonal experiences for RV campers. The park’s hiking trails become adorned with the vibrant hues of autumn foliage providing a picturesque backdrop for leisurely strolls and invigorating hikes. Fall foliage viewing becomes a popular activity as visitors immerse themselves in the kaleidoscope of colors that blanket the park’s woodlands and lakefront areas. Additionally the park’s tranquil lakeside settings offer an ideal environment for birdwatching as migratory birds pass through the region creating captivating opportunities for bird enthusiasts. The crisp fall air and the park’s serene ambiance make it an inviting destination for outdoor picnics providing a scenic and relaxing setting for campers to savor the beauty of the season.


In the winter Long Branch State Park offers a serene and picturesque setting for RV campers seeking seasonal activities. The park’s trails transform into tranquil pathways for winter hikes providing a peaceful atmosphere for visitors to embrace the snowy landscapes and the quiet beauty of the season. Winter birdwatching becomes a popular pastime as the park hosts a variety of resident and migratory bird species offering captivating opportunities for observing avian wildlife against the backdrop of the winter scenery. Additionally the park’s lake may provide ice fishing opportunities for those seeking a unique and chilly angling experience. The park’s serene ambiance and snow-dusted landscapes create an inviting environment for RV campers to enjoy the peaceful charm of Long Branch State Park during the winter months.

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