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Pearl Hill State Park is a fantastic spot for RV camping, offering a blend of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. The park’s history and cultural significance add to its appeal, making it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

With a history dating back to the 1930s, Pearl Hill State Park holds cultural significance as a former Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp. The CCC played a vital role in the development of the park, leaving behind a legacy of craftsmanship and conservation efforts that can still be seen today.

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RV Rentals in Pearl Hill State Park


Visitors to Pearl Hill State Park can access the park via private vehicle with multiple entrances providing convenient entry points. The park is easily reachable from major highways and ample parking is available. However it’s important to note that there are restrictions on rig sizes with certain areas of the park accessible only to smaller RVs and trailers. It’s advisable to check the park’s guidelines for specific size limitations before planning your visit.

Pearl Hill State Park offers designated RV parking areas ensuring that visitors with RVs have convenient and accessible parking options. Overnight parking outside of designated campsites is not permitted. It’s recommended to camp with an RV in the park and explore using alternative transportation methods such as hiking or biking to fully experience the natural beauty and recreational opportunities within the park.

Pearl Hill State Park does not offer public transportation or shuttle buses within the park. However visitors can explore the park using the network of walking paths and hiking trails which provide a scenic and immersive way to experience the natural beauty and diverse landscapes of the park. Walking paths offer an opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings while getting around the park.

Top Campsites in Pearl Hill State Park

1. Pine Grove Campground

Located near Pearl Hill State Park Pine Grove Campground is a highly sought-after destination for RV camping. With 50 spacious sites nestled among the pine trees campers can enjoy a serene and picturesque setting. The campground offers activities such as hiking fishing and birdwatching. Amenities include electric hookups restrooms and a dump station. Pine Grove Campground is pet-friendly and open from May to October accommodating RVs and trailers up to 40 feet in length.

2. Maple Ridge RV Park

Situated in close proximity to Pearl Hill State Park Maple Ridge RV Park offers 35 well-maintained RV sites. Campers can partake in activities such as kayaking nature walks and wildlife observation. The park provides full hookups laundry facilities and a camp store. Maple Ridge RV Park is pet-friendly and operates from April to November welcoming RVs and trailers of varying sizes.

3. Oak Hollow Campground

Nestled in a tranquil wooded area Oak Hollow Campground features 40 spacious RV sites offering a peaceful retreat for nature lovers. Campers can enjoy activities such as mountain biking picnicking and stargazing. The campground provides water and electric hookups showers and a playground. Oak Hollow Campground is pet-friendly and open from May to September accommodating RVs and trailers up to 35 feet in length.

4. Cedar Creek Campground

Just a short drive from Pearl Hill State Park Cedar Creek Campground offers 60 RV sites surrounded by scenic natural beauty. Campers can engage in activities such as boating fishing and nature photography. The campground offers full hookups a camp store and a swimming area. Cedar Creek Campground is pet-friendly and open from April to October welcoming RVs and trailers of various sizes.

1. Birch Haven Campground

Birch Haven Campground in Pearl Hill State Park offers 20 first-come-first-served campsites providing a rustic and tranquil camping experience. Open from May to September the campground accommodates RVs and trailers up to 30 feet in length. Campers can enjoy basic amenities such as vault toilets and potable water. Birch Haven Campground is pet-friendly allowing visitors to bring their furry companions along for the outdoor adventure.

2. Willow Creek Campground

Willow Creek Campground features 15 first-come-first-served sites providing a peaceful retreat for campers seeking a more secluded camping experience. Open from June to August the campground caters to RVs and trailers of varying sizes offering basic amenities including picnic tables and fire rings. Willow Creek Campground is pet-friendly allowing visitors to explore the natural surroundings with their four-legged friends by their side.

3. Pinecone Ridge Campground

Pinecone Ridge Campground offers 25 first-come-first-served campsites providing a picturesque setting for camping enthusiasts. Open from May to October the campground can accommodate RVs and trailers up to 35 feet in length. Campers can enjoy basic amenities such as fire pits and access to potable water. Pinecone Ridge Campground is pet-friendly welcoming visitors to share the outdoor experience with their beloved pets.

Private Campgrounds

If campsites within Pearl Hill State Park are fully booked RV renters can explore private campgrounds in the vicinity. Nearby private campgrounds often offer a range of amenities including full hookups laundry facilities and recreational activities. These campgrounds may provide a convenient alternative for those seeking a comfortable and well-equipped camping experience. Additionally private campgrounds may offer additional services such as organized events camp stores and rental equipment enhancing the overall camping experience for visitors.

Backcountry Camping

For RV renters seeking a more rugged and secluded camping experience backcountry camping near Pearl Hill State Park can be an appealing option. Backcountry camping allows outdoor enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the wilderness often requiring hiking or off-road travel to reach remote camping sites. While backcountry camping typically offers fewer amenities it provides the opportunity for a truly immersive and off-the-grid outdoor adventure allowing campers to connect with nature in a more profound and unspoiled setting.

These alternative camping options provide flexibility for RV renters ensuring that they can still enjoy a memorable outdoor experience even when campsites within Pearl Hill State Park are at full capacity.


Hiking is a beloved activity at Pearl Hill State Park offering visitors a chance to explore the park’s diverse landscapes and scenic trails. The park features a variety of hiking routes ranging from leisurely strolls along tranquil ponds to challenging mountain trails with panoramic views. One popular trail is the Lakeside Loop which winds around the serene shoreline providing opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife observation.


Fishing enthusiasts are drawn to the pristine waters of Pearl Hill State Park where they can cast their lines in search of a variety of fish species. Ross Lake located within the park is a prime fishing spot known for its abundance of rainbow trout and bass. Anglers can also explore the smaller ponds and streams within the park offering a tranquil setting for a relaxing day of fishing.


Birdwatching is a popular pastime at Pearl Hill State Park attracting nature enthusiasts and avian aficionados. The park’s diverse habitats provide a haven for a wide range of bird species including waterfowl raptors and songbirds. The wetlands and wooded areas offer prime birdwatching opportunities with sightings of bald eagles osprey and various migratory birds.


Cycling enthusiasts can enjoy exploring the park’s scenic roads and designated biking trails offering a delightful way to experience the natural beauty of Pearl Hill State Park. The park features a network of cycling paths that wind through wooded areas open meadows and along the tranquil lakeshores providing a picturesque backdrop for a leisurely bike ride.

Wildlife Observation

Wildlife observation is a favorite activity for RV campers at Pearl Hill State Park as the park is teeming with diverse animal species. Visitors can spot deer beavers and a variety of small mammals in their natural habitats. The park’s tranquil surroundings and abundant wildlife make it an ideal destination for nature lovers seeking to observe and appreciate the local fauna.


For RV campers who prefer a more leisurely approach to outdoor exploration sightseeing at Pearl Hill State Park offers captivating vistas and scenic overlooks. The park boasts stunning viewpoints that provide panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes including the tranquil lakes rolling hills and lush forests. One notable spot for sightseeing is the Ridgeview Lookout offering a breathtaking vantage point to admire the natural beauty of the park.

Nature Watching

Nature watching at Pearl Hill State Park is a peaceful and enriching activity for those who appreciate the serenity of the outdoors. Visitors can indulge in observing the park’s diverse flora and fauna from vibrant wildflowers and towering trees to a variety of bird species. The park’s wetlands and meadows are particularly rich in biodiversity providing ample opportunities for nature enthusiasts to appreciate the natural wonders that abound in the park.

Photography Opportunities

Pearl Hill State Park offers a plethora of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities for RV campers with a passion for photography. From the vibrant colors of the wildflowers in spring to the striking foliage of the fall season the park provides an ever-changing canvas for capturing stunning images. Scenic vistas serene lakeshores and charming woodland scenes present ideal settings for capturing memorable moments and creating lasting visual mementos of the park.


For those seeking a more laid-back experience Pearl Hill State Park offers plenty of tranquil spots for relaxation and unwinding amidst nature. Whether it’s finding a peaceful lakeside nook for a leisurely picnic enjoying a quiet afternoon of reading by the water or simply soaking in the serene ambiance of the park visitors can find ample opportunities for rejuvenation and peaceful contemplation amidst the natural beauty of the park.

Scenic Drives

Scenic drives within Pearl Hill State Park provide a leisurely way to explore the park’s picturesque landscapes without the need for strenuous physical activity. The park features well-maintained roads that wind through the wooded areas offering captivating views of the surrounding natural beauty. RV campers can embark on a leisurely drive stopping at designated viewpoints and pull-offs to admire the scenic vistas and capture the beauty of the park through the windows of their vehicle.

Season-specific experiences in Pearl Hill State Park

Wildflower Viewing

Spring brings a burst of color to Pearl Hill State Park as the wildflowers come into bloom. Take a leisurely stroll through the park and marvel at the vibrant display of lupine paintbrush and other wildflowers. The meadows and wooded areas are adorned with a stunning array of blossoms creating a photographer’s paradise and a wonderful way to connect with nature.


Spring is a prime time for birdwatching at Pearl Hill State Park as migratory birds return and nesting activity is in full swing. The park’s diverse habitats provide an ideal setting for spotting a variety of bird species including warblers vireos and waterfowl. The wetlands and wooded areas offer excellent opportunities for birdwatching providing a tranquil and immersive experience for nature enthusiasts.

Lakeside Picnicking

As the weather warms up RV campers can enjoy lakeside picnicking at Pearl Hill State Park. The park’s tranquil lakeshores provide a picturesque setting for a relaxing outdoor meal. Visitors can find scenic picnic spots with views of the sparkling waters making it an ideal way to unwind and soak in the natural beauty of the park.

Nature Photography

Springtime at Pearl Hill State Park offers abundant opportunities for nature photography with the landscape coming alive with vibrant colors and renewed natural activity. From capturing the delicate beauty of wildflowers in bloom to photographing the return of migratory birds the park provides a captivating canvas for photographers to document the seasonal changes and the awakening of the natural world.

Historical Exploration

History enthusiasts can explore the historical significance of Pearl Hill State Park during the spring season. The park’s rich heritage including remnants of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp offers a glimpse into the park’s past and the conservation efforts that shaped its landscape. Visitors can embark on a historical exploration discovering the legacy of the CCC and its impact on the development of the park.

summer Pearl Hill State Park offers a host of recreational activities for RV campers to enjoy

Boating and Kayaking

The summer season beckons water enthusiasts to indulge in boating and kayaking on the tranquil waters of Ross Lake. RV campers can rent watercraft or bring their own exploring the expansive lake and taking in the serene surroundings.

Swimming and Beach Relaxation

The park’s designated swimming areas provide a refreshing respite from the summer heat. RV campers can enjoy a day of swimming and sunbathing on the sandy shores creating memorable moments by the water’s edge.

Nature Walks and Interpretive Programs

Summer is an ideal time for leisurely nature walks and participation in interpretive programs offered within the park. RV campers can join guided walks to learn about the park’s flora and fauna gaining insights into the natural history and ecological significance of the area.

Wildlife Observation

The summer season offers ample opportunities for wildlife observation as the park comes alive with diverse animal activity. RV campers can spot deer birds and other wildlife while exploring the park’s trails and natural habitats.

Evening Campfire Gatherings

Summer evenings at Pearl Hill State Park provide the perfect setting for campfire gatherings where RV campers can unwind share stories and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow outdoor enthusiasts. The crackling campfire and starry skies create a memorable experience for campers seeking relaxation and connection with nature.



Fall Foliage Viewing

The park’s scenic trails and overlooks provide stunning vantage points for admiring the vibrant hues of autumn foliage. RV campers can embark on leisurely hikes or scenic drives to witness the breathtaking display of reds oranges and yellows that adorn the park’s landscapes.

Photography Opportunities

Fall presents an ideal time for nature photography as the park’s foliage undergoes a dramatic transformation. RV campers can capture the stunning autumnal colors creating lasting visual mementos of the park’s seasonal beauty.

Bird Migration Watching

Fall brings migratory bird activity to Pearl Hill State Park offering birdwatching enthusiasts the chance to observe the seasonal movements of various bird species. The park’s wetlands and wooded areas become havens for migratory birds providing exciting opportunities for birdwatching and nature observation.

Hiking and Nature Walks

The cooler temperatures of fall make for comfortable hiking conditions inviting RV campers to explore the park’s trails and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the season. Visitors can enjoy leisurely strolls through wooded areas and along lakeshores taking in the sights and sounds of autumn in the park.

Seasonal Events and Festivals

Pearl Hill State Park may host seasonal events and festivals during the fall offering RV campers the opportunity to participate in themed activities educational programs and community gatherings that celebrate the season and the park’s natural wonders.



Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

The park’s trails transform into winter wonderlands providing opportunities for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. RV campers can explore the snowy landscapes and wooded areas immersing themselves in the tranquility of the winter season.

Wildlife Tracking

Winter offers a unique opportunity for wildlife tracking as the park’s snow-covered terrain provides a canvas for observing animal tracks and signs of wildlife activity. RV campers can engage in the rewarding experience of identifying and interpreting the winter behaviors of local wildlife species.

Scenic Winter Photography

The park’s snow-covered landscapes and frost-kissed trees offer captivating scenes for winter photography. RV campers can capture the serene beauty of the park in its winter coat creating stunning images of the seasonal transformation.

Nature Observation

Winter provides a different perspective for nature observation as the park’s wildlife and natural features adapt to the colder months. RV campers can observe wintering bird species evergreen flora and the subtle beauty of the park’s winter ecology.

Cozy Campfire Gatherings

Winter evenings at Pearl Hill State Park are ideal for cozy campfire gatherings where RV campers can gather around the warmth of a crackling fire share stories and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the winter season.