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Nestled in the heart of Minnesota, Pillsbury State Forest is a prime destination for RV camping, offering a blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and a wealth of outdoor activities. Let’s delve into what makes this forest a standout spot for RV enthusiasts.

Pillsbury State Forest holds a rich history and cultural significance, as it was named after Minnesota Governor John S. Pillsbury, who played a pivotal role in the state’s forestry conservation efforts. The forest’s diverse ecosystem is the result of natural occurrences such as glacial activity, which sculpted the landscape and contributed to its unique features, including rolling hills, picturesque lakes, and lush woodlands.

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RV Rentals in Pillsbury State Forest


Visitors to Pillsbury State Forest can access the park via private vehicle with multiple entrances providing convenient access to different areas of the forest. The forest is accessible from various directions including County Road 2 County Road 40 and County Road 36. It’s important to note that there are restrictions on rig sizes with some areas of the forest accessible only to smaller rigs due to narrow roads and limited maneuvering space. Travelers should plan their route carefully and be mindful of any size restrictions to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

While Pillsbury State Forest doesn’t have designated RV parking areas there are several designated campsites where RVs can park overnight. It’s not recommended to park RVs outside of these designated areas. Camping with an RV within the park is ideal for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the natural surroundings and explore the forest’s attractions at their own pace.

Pillsbury State Forest does not offer public transportation or shuttle buses for getting around the park. However the forest features a network of walking paths and hiking trails allowing visitors to explore the natural beauty of the area on foot. These trails provide an excellent way to experience the forest’s diverse landscapes and unique features while enjoying a leisurely stroll or a more challenging hike.

Top Campsites in Pillsbury State Forest

Pine Ridge Campground

Located near Pillsbury State Forest Pine Ridge Campground is a highly sought-after destination for RV camping. With 50 spacious sites nestled among towering pines this pet-friendly campground offers a serene setting for outdoor enthusiasts. Activities include hiking fishing and wildlife viewing. Amenities include picnic tables fire rings and clean restroom facilities. Open from May to October Pine Ridge Campground welcomes RVs and trailers up to 40 feet in length.

Birch Haven Campground

Situated in close proximity to Pillsbury State Forest Birch Haven Campground is a picturesque retreat with 35 well-maintained sites surrounded by scenic woodlands. Campers can enjoy activities such as boating birdwatching and nature walks. The pet-friendly campground offers amenities including electric hookups showers and a playground. Birch Haven Campground is open from April to November and accommodates RVs and trailers up to 35 feet in length.

Oak Hollow Campground

Offering a tranquil camping experience Oak Hollow Campground is a favorite among visitors to Pillsbury State Forest. With 40 spacious sites and a peaceful atmosphere this pet-friendly campground is ideal for relaxation and outdoor adventure. Campers can partake in activities such as kayaking hiking and stargazing. Amenities include water hookups dump stations and a camp store. Oak Hollow Campground is open from May to September and welcomes RVs and trailers up to 45 feet in length.

Maple Grove Campground

Nestled in a scenic woodland setting Maple Grove Campground provides 30 well-appointed sites for RV camping near Pillsbury State Forest. This pet-friendly campground offers activities such as fishing nature photography and evening campfires. Amenities include a boat launch restrooms and a designated swimming area. Maple Grove Campground is open from June to August and accommodates RVs and trailers up to 38 feet in length.

Hemlock Hideaway Campground

Hemlock Hideaway Campground offers 15 first-come-first-served sites providing a rustic camping experience amidst the natural beauty of Pillsbury State Forest. Open from May to October this pet-friendly campground accommodates RVs and trailers up to 30 feet in length. Campers can enjoy amenities such as vault toilets fire rings and access to hiking trails making it an ideal spot for nature lovers seeking a peaceful retreat.

Aspen Grove Campground

With 20 first-come-first-served sites Aspen Grove Campground is a popular choice for those looking to immerse themselves in the tranquility of Pillsbury State Forest. This pet-friendly campground is open from April to November and can accommodate RVs and trailers up to 35 feet in length. Campers can take advantage of amenities such as picnic tables potable water and opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife viewing.

Cedar Ridge Campground

Cedar Ridge Campground offers 25 first-come-first-served sites providing a welcoming environment for campers seeking a spontaneous outdoor adventure in Pillsbury State Forest. Open from May to September this pet-friendly campground can accommodate RVs and trailers up to 40 feet in length. Campers will find amenities such as vault toilets fire pits and easy access to hiking and biking trails allowing them to fully embrace the natural surroundings during their stay.

Private Campgrounds

In the event that campsites within Pillsbury State Forest are fully booked RV renters can explore private campgrounds in the vicinity. Several privately-owned campgrounds offer RV accommodations with various amenities including electric hookups water and sewer connections. These campgrounds often feature additional facilities such as showers laundry services and recreational activities. By considering private campgrounds near Pillsbury State Forest RV renters can still enjoy a comfortable and convenient camping experience while being in close proximity to the natural attractions of the area.

Backcountry Camping

For those seeking a more rugged and immersive outdoor experience backcountry camping is an option worth considering near Pillsbury State Forest. Backcountry camping allows RV renters to venture into the wilderness and set up camp in designated primitive camping areas. While this type of camping requires self-sufficiency and adherence to Leave No Trace principles it offers the opportunity to truly connect with nature and enjoy secluded off-the-grid camping experiences. RV renters should ensure they are well-prepared with necessary supplies and follow any regulations or permits required for backcountry camping in the surrounding areas.


Pillsbury State Forest is renowned for its extensive network of hiking trails offering outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the forest’s diverse landscapes and natural beauty. The Pillsbury State Forest Trail System includes well-maintained paths that cater to hikers of all skill levels. The Eagle Scout Trail in particular is a popular choice leading hikers through wooded areas and providing scenic views of the forest. The trailhead is located near the Pillsbury Lake Campground making it easily accessible for RV campers looking to embark on a memorable hiking adventure.


Fishing is a beloved pastime in Pillsbury State Forest drawing anglers to its pristine lakes and tranquil waters. The forest’s lakes and streams are home to a variety of fish species including bass walleye and northern pike making it a prime destination for fishing enthusiasts. Pillsbury Lake in particular is a hotspot for fishing offering ample opportunities to reel in impressive catches. RV campers can enjoy a peaceful day of fishing from the shoreline or take to the water in a boat immersing themselves in the serene surroundings while angling for their next big catch.

Wildlife Viewing

Pillsbury State Forest provides a habitat for a diverse array of wildlife making it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. RV campers can expect to encounter a variety of species including white-tailed deer black bears and a rich bird population. The forest’s abundant wildlife can often be observed along hiking trails near lakeshores and within the forest’s dense woodlands. Birdwatching is particularly popular with opportunities to spot species such as warblers woodpeckers and raptors adding an exciting element to the outdoor experience for RV campers.


Cycling enthusiasts are drawn to Pillsbury State Forest for its scenic biking trails that wind through the forest’s picturesque landscapes. The forest offers a mix of terrain from gentle paths suitable for leisurely rides to more challenging trails for experienced cyclists. The Pillsbury State Forest Trail System features designated biking trails including the Lakeview Loop Trail which meanders along the shores of Pillsbury Lake providing cyclists with captivating views of the water and surrounding woodlands. RV campers can easily access the trailhead and embark on a memorable biking excursion through the forest’s natural splendor.


Pillsbury State Forest is a paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts offering a diverse avian population and abundant opportunities for observing and identifying various bird species. The forest’s varied habitats including woodlands wetlands and lakeshores provide an ideal environment for a wide range of birds. RV campers can expect to encounter species such as warblers thrushes waterfowl and birds of prey. The Pillsbury State Forest Trail System and the vicinity of Pillsbury Lake are prime locations for birdwatching allowing campers to appreciate the beauty of the forest’s feathered inhabitants while enjoying a peaceful and rewarding outdoor activity.

Scenic Overlooks

For RV campers seeking a more relaxed outdoor experience Pillsbury State Forest offers a selection of scenic overlooks that provide breathtaking vistas of the surrounding natural landscapes. One standout location is the Pillsbury Lake Overlook which offers panoramic views of the tranquil lake and the forest’s lush greenery. This picturesque spot provides an ideal setting for capturing stunning photographs and immersing oneself in the serene beauty of the area without engaging in strenuous activities.

Nature Photography

Nature photography enthusiasts will find a wealth of captivating subjects to capture within Pillsbury State Forest. From the vibrant hues of wildflowers in the spring to the striking foliage in the fall the forest’s ever-changing scenery provides endless opportunities for capturing stunning images. The tranquil lakes meandering streams and diverse wildlife also offer compelling subjects for photographers seeking to document the natural wonders of the forest. RV campers can explore the forest’s trails and lakeshores to discover the perfect vantage points for capturing memorable and Instagram-worthy photographs of the area’s natural splendor.

Wildlife Observation

For those who prefer a more leisurely approach to nature appreciation wildlife observation in Pillsbury State Forest offers a captivating and serene experience. RV campers can spend time observing the forest’s diverse wildlife including deer birds and small mammals in their natural habitat. The forest’s peaceful surroundings and abundant wildlife provide a tranquil setting for nature watching allowing campers to connect with the natural world and enjoy the beauty of the forest without engaging in physically demanding activities. The area around Pillsbury Lake and the forest’s wooded areas are prime locations for observing wildlife and experiencing the tranquility of the natural surroundings.

Sunset Viewing

Witnessing a stunning sunset is a beloved pastime for many RV campers and Pillsbury State Forest offers an ideal setting for enjoying the beauty of the evening sky. The forest’s open vistas and serene lakeshores provide picturesque locations for watching the sun dip below the horizon casting a warm glow over the landscape. RV campers can find peaceful spots near Pillsbury Lake or along designated overlooks to savor the magical moments as the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors creating a memorable and serene experience for those seeking a more relaxed outdoor activity.


For a leisurely and enjoyable outdoor activity RV campers can partake in picnicking amidst the natural beauty of Pillsbury State Forest. The forest’s scenic picnic areas such as those near Pillsbury Lake provide an inviting setting for enjoying a meal surrounded by the tranquil ambiance of the forest. Campers can relax unwind and savor the peaceful surroundings while indulging in a delightful picnic experience. Whether enjoying a meal with family or friends or simply taking in the serene atmosphere picnicking offers a delightful way to appreciate the forest’s beauty without engaging in more physically demanding outdoor activities.

Season-specific experiences in Pillsbury State Forest

Wildflower Viewing

Spring brings a burst of color to Pillsbury State Forest as vibrant wildflowers bloom throughout the woodland areas. The forest’s trails particularly those near Pillsbury Lake and the Eagle Scout Trail offer enchanting opportunities for RV campers to witness the stunning display of wildflowers in various hues. From delicate bluebells to golden buttercups the forest comes alive with a tapestry of floral beauty creating a captivating and Instagram-worthy sight for nature enthusiasts.


Spring is a prime time for birdwatching in Pillsbury State Forest as migratory birds return and the forest becomes a symphony of avian activity. RV campers can observe a diverse array of bird species including warblers thrushes and woodpeckers as they flit among the budding trees and sing their melodious songs. The forest’s tranquil woodlands and lakeshores provide ideal locations for birdwatching allowing campers to appreciate the seasonal influx of birdlife and the captivating sights and sounds of the forest’s feathered inhabitants.

Nature Photography

Springtime in Pillsbury State Forest offers abundant opportunities for nature photography with the forest’s awakening landscapes providing a wealth of captivating subjects. From the delicate blooms of spring wildflowers to the lush greenery and budding foliage the forest becomes a picturesque setting for capturing the beauty of the season. RV campers can explore the forest’s trails and overlooks to discover the perfect vantage points for photographing the seasonal splendor creating lasting memories and stunning images of the forest’s springtime allure.

Historical Landmarks

While exploring Pillsbury State Forest RV campers can discover historical landmarks that offer insights into the area’s past. The forest is home to remnants of historical logging operations and structures that harken back to the region’s rich forestry heritage. One notable landmark is the Pillsbury Mine and Logging Camp where visitors can explore the remains of a bygone era and gain a deeper appreciation for the historical significance of the forest. This provides a unique opportunity for campers to engage with the forest’s history and immerse themselves in its cultural and industrial legacy.

Wildlife Observation

Springtime brings an abundance of wildlife activity to Pillsbury State Forest making it an ideal season for observing the forest’s diverse animal inhabitants. RV campers can look forward to spotting white-tailed deer foxes and various bird species as they go about their seasonal activities. The forest’s trails and lakeshores provide excellent vantage points for wildlife observation allowing campers to witness the natural behaviors of the forest’s inhabitants as they navigate the changing landscapes of spring.

Boating and Kayaking

Summer beckons water enthusiasts to explore the serene lakes of Pillsbury State Forest through boating and kayaking adventures. The forest’s shimmering waters notably Pillsbury Lake offer ideal conditions for leisurely paddling and boating excursions. RV campers can launch their kayaks or small watercraft to navigate the tranquil waters soaking in the scenic vistas and enjoying a refreshing on-the-water experience amidst the forest’s natural beauty.

Nature Walks

Summer is the perfect time for leisurely nature walks in Pillsbury State Forest as the forest’s trails come alive with lush foliage and vibrant greenery. RV campers can embark on peaceful nature walks along designated trails immersing themselves in the tranquil ambiance of the forest. The forest’s diverse ecosystems including woodlands and wetlands provide captivating settings for leisurely strolls allowing campers to appreciate the seasonal splendor and observe the forest’s flora and fauna at a relaxed pace.

Camping and Stargazing

Summer nights in Pillsbury State Forest offer a prime opportunity for RV campers to indulge in camping and stargazing experiences. The forest’s designated campsites provide a comfortable and scenic setting for overnight stays allowing campers to unwind and connect with nature. As the sun sets the forest’s clear skies offer an excellent backdrop for stargazing providing campers with the chance to marvel at the twinkling stars and celestial wonders above creating a memorable and serene outdoor experience.

Wildlife Watching

Summer presents ample opportunities for wildlife watching in Pillsbury State Forest as the forest’s inhabitants become more active during the warmer months. RV campers can observe a diverse array of wildlife including deer birds and small mammals as they go about their seasonal routines. The forest’s trails and lakeshores serve as prime locations for wildlife observation offering campers the chance to witness the natural behaviors of the forest’s inhabitants and appreciate the beauty of the summer wildlife activity.

Fall Foliage Viewing

The forest’s trails and overlooks provide stunning vantage points for RV campers to witness the brilliant display of fall foliage. The vibrant hues of red orange and gold transform the forest into a captivating tapestry of colors creating an enchanting backdrop for nature enthusiasts. RV campers can embark on leisurely hikes or scenic drives to immerse themselves in the breathtaking beauty of the fall foliage capturing memorable photographs and savoring the seasonal splendor of the forest.


Fall presents an opportune time for nature photographers to capture the captivating landscapes and vibrant colors of Pillsbury State Forest. The forest’s scenic trails lakeshores and wooded areas offer a wealth of picturesque subjects from the striking foliage to the reflective waters of Pillsbury Lake. RV campers can explore the forest’s diverse terrain to find the perfect settings for capturing stunning images of the autumnal beauty creating lasting memories and visually captivating snapshots of the seasonal transformation.

Bird Migration Observation

Fall brings the spectacle of bird migration to Pillsbury State Forest offering RV campers the chance to witness the seasonal movement of various bird species. The forest becomes a hub of avian activity as migratory birds pass through the area creating opportunities for birdwatching enthusiasts to observe and appreciate the diverse birdlife. RV campers can expect to encounter a variety of migratory species adding an exciting element to their outdoor experiences and providing a unique opportunity to witness the natural rhythms of the forest during the fall season.

Cross-Country Skiing

Winter transforms Pillsbury State Forest into a winter wonderland offering RV campers the opportunity to explore the forest’s snowy landscapes through cross-country skiing. The forest’s trails including those near Pillsbury Lake provide excellent terrain for cross-country skiing adventures allowing campers to glide through the serene winter scenery and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the forest blanketed in snow.


RV campers can embrace the winter landscape of Pillsbury State Forest through snowshoeing excursions venturing along the forest’s trails to discover the beauty of the snow-covered woodlands. The forest’s designated trails offer opportunities for snowshoeing providing campers with a serene and immersive winter outdoor experience amidst the tranquil surroundings of the forest.

Winter Wildlife Observation

Winter brings a unique opportunity for RV campers to observe the forest’s wildlife in a different light as the inhabitants adapt to the snowy season. Campers can engage in winter wildlife observation seeking out tracks and signs of animals and observing the behaviors of winter-active species. The forest’s snowy landscapes offer a picturesque setting for observing wildlife providing campers with the chance to appreciate the resilience and beauty of the forest’s inhabitants during the winter months.

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