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Pisgah State Park is a prime destination for RV camping, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, history, and recreational activities. Established in 1921, the park holds significant cultural importance as one of the oldest state parks in New Hampshire. Its rich history dates back to the early 1900s when the area was heavily logged, and the state took action to preserve the land for future generations to enjoy.

The park’s unique features are a result of natural occurrences, including glacial activity that sculpted the landscape, leaving behind rugged terrain, pristine lakes, and dense forests. This geological history has contributed to the park’s incredibly unique topography, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and natural beauty.

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RV Rentals in Pisgah State Park


When visiting Pisgah State Park visitors can access the park via private vehicle with parking available at designated areas near the park’s entrances. The park features multiple entrances providing convenient access from various directions. However it’s important to note that certain entrances may have restrictions on rig sizes so it’s advisable for RV travelers to check the specific entrance requirements before planning their visit. Additionally the park does not offer public transportation options so private vehicle travel is the primary mode of transportation for exploring the park.

Pisgah State Park offers designated RV parking areas near the campsites providing convenient accommodation for RV travelers. Overnight parking outside of designated campsites is not permitted. It’s recommended to camp with an RV in the park and utilize the vehicle as a base for exploring the park’s attractions as alternative transportation methods within the park are limited.

Pisgah State Park does not offer public transportation such as shuttle buses or walking paths for getting around the park. Visitors primarily rely on private vehicles to access the park’s attractions and trailheads. As a result it’s recommended for visitors to plan their exploration of the park using their own transportation ensuring easy access to the park’s various points of interest.

Top Campsites in Pisgah State Park

Monadnock State Park Campground

Located near Pisgah State Park Monadnock State Park Campground is a highly sought-after camping destination. With 28 pet-friendly sites it offers a picturesque setting for outdoor enthusiasts. The campground is open from May to October and accommodates RVs and trailers up to 30 feet in length. Visitors can enjoy hiking fishing and wildlife viewing and amenities include picnic tables fire pits and restroom facilities.

Surry Mountain Campground

Situated in the vicinity of Pisgah State Park Surry Mountain Campground features 25 spacious sites for RV and tent camping. Open from May to September it provides a peaceful retreat with opportunities for hiking birdwatching and stargazing. The campground welcomes pets and offers amenities such as water hookups fire rings and access to hiking trails.

Keene KOA

The Keene KOA offers a range of amenities and activities for campers including a swimming pool mini-golf and a dog park. The pet-friendly campground has 50 sites and is open from April to October accommodating RVs and trailers of various sizes. Located in close proximity to Pisgah State Park it provides a convenient base for exploring the area’s natural attractions.

Swanzey Lake Camping Area

Nestled near Pisgah State Park Swanzey Lake Camping Area offers 40 spacious sites and a tranquil lakeside setting. Open from May to October the pet-friendly campground provides opportunities for swimming boating and fishing. RVs and trailers up to 40 feet in length are welcome and amenities include a camp store boat rentals and clean restroom facilities.

Birch Hill Campground

Birch Hill Campground in Pisgah State Park offers 10 first-come-first-served campsites providing a rustic and serene camping experience. Open from May to October the campground welcomes RVs and trailers of various sizes with accommodations for vehicles up to 35 feet in length. Visitors can enjoy the tranquil surroundings and explore the park’s hiking trails and fishing opportunities. The campground is pet-friendly allowing campers to bring their furry companions along for the outdoor adventure.

Beals Pond Campground

Beals Pond Campground features 15 first-come-first-served campsites offering a peaceful retreat for nature enthusiasts. Open from May to September the campground caters to RVs and trailers accommodating vehicles up to 30 feet in length. Campers can enjoy activities such as hiking birdwatching and wildlife viewing within the park. The campground is pet-friendly allowing visitors to bring their pets to enjoy the outdoor experience.

Kilburn Pond Campground

Kilburn Pond Campground provides 12 first-come-first-served campsites offering a rustic camping experience in the heart of Pisgah State Park. Open from May to October the campground accommodates RVs and trailers with space for vehicles up to 25 feet in length. Campers can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the park with opportunities for hiking fishing and relaxation. The campground is pet-friendly allowing campers to bring their beloved pets to share in the outdoor adventure.

If the campsites within Pisgah State Park are fully booked RV renters can explore alternative camping options nearby to ensure a memorable outdoor experience.

Private Campgrounds

Several private campgrounds in the vicinity of Pisgah State Park offer additional camping opportunities for RV renters. These privately-owned campgrounds often provide a range of amenities including full hookups shower facilities and recreational activities. RV travelers can consider exploring options such as private RV parks and campgrounds in the surrounding area which may offer convenient access to the park and its attractions.

Backcountry Camping

For those seeking a more immersive outdoor experience backcountry camping near Pisgah State Park is an option worth considering. While the park itself may not offer designated backcountry camping nearby national forests or wilderness areas may provide opportunities for dispersed camping. RV renters should research and adhere to any regulations and guidelines for backcountry camping in the area ensuring a responsible and enjoyable experience in the natural surroundings.

By exploring these alternative camping options RV renters can maximize their outdoor adventure near Pisgah State Park even when the park’s campsites are fully occupied.


Pisgah State Park offers a diverse network of hiking trails catering to all skill levels. One popular trail is the Reservoir Trail providing scenic views of the park’s reservoir and woodlands. The trailhead is located near the park’s main entrance offering a picturesque hiking experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

Mountain Biking

The park features an array of mountain biking trails including the Kilburn Loop Trail known for its varied terrain and stunning forest scenery. Cyclists can explore the rugged landscapes and enjoy an exhilarating ride through the park’s natural surroundings with the trail accessible from the park’s designated biking areas.


RV campers can indulge in fishing at Pisgah State Park’s ponds and streams with opportunities to catch bass trout and other native fish species. Beals Pond and Kilburn Pond are popular fishing spots within the park providing serene settings for anglers to enjoy their favorite pastime.

Wildlife Viewing

Nature enthusiasts can partake in wildlife viewing throughout the park with chances to spot deer foxes and a variety of bird species. The park’s diverse ecosystems and wooded areas create an ideal habitat for observing the natural inhabitants of Pisgah State Park.


RV campers can explore the park’s scenic roads and designated cycling areas offering a leisurely cycling experience amidst the park’s captivating landscapes. The park’s well-maintained roads and cycling paths provide a safe and enjoyable environment for cyclists to immerse themselves in the beauty of Pisgah State Park.

Scenic Overlooks

For RV campers seeking breathtaking views without strenuous activities Pisgah State Park offers captivating scenic overlooks such as Sunset Hill. This vantage point provides panoramic views of the park’s lush forests and rolling hills serving as an ideal spot for relaxation and nature appreciation.

Nature Watching

Nature enthusiasts can indulge in tranquil nature watching experiences within the park observing the diverse flora and fauna. Visitors can spot a variety of bird species including warblers and woodpeckers amidst the park’s serene woodlands and meadows providing an opportunity for peaceful and immersive nature observation.

Photography Opportunities

Pisgah State Park boasts numerous Instagram-worthy photo spots including the picturesque shores of Kilburn Pond and Beals Pond. These tranquil bodies of water framed by the park’s verdant scenery offer stunning backdrops for capturing memorable moments and scenic landscapes.


RV campers can enjoy leisurely picnics at designated picnic areas within the park such as the peaceful setting of the Kilburn Pond Picnic Area. This provides a relaxing and laid-back way to savor the natural beauty of the park while enjoying a meal amidst the tranquil surroundings.

Nature Trails

For a more relaxed outdoor experience RV campers can explore nature trails such as the Beaver Pond Trail which offers a leisurely stroll through the park’s woodlands and wetlands. This allows visitors to appreciate the park’s natural beauty at a comfortable pace with opportunities for observing wildlife and serene natural surroundings.

Season-specific experiences in Pisgah State Park

Wildflower Viewing

Spring brings an explosion of colorful wildflowers to Pisgah State Park. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the park’s trails and witness the vibrant blooms of trillium violets and other native wildflowers. The sight of these blossoms against the backdrop of the park’s stunning landscapes is a sight to behold and a photographer’s dream.


Spring is a prime time for birdwatching in Pisgah State Park as migratory birds return and nesting activity increases. The park’s diverse habitats provide opportunities to spot a variety of bird species including warblers thrushes and woodpeckers. Birdwatchers can explore the park’s woodlands and wetlands to observe these avian inhabitants in their natural environment.

Historical Sites

Springtime offers an ideal opportunity to explore the historical sites within Pisgah State Park such as the remnants of old mill foundations and logging artifacts. These historical landmarks provide insights into the park’s past and the human activities that have shaped the landscape over time.

Nature Photography

Spring in Pisgah State Park provides stunning photo opportunities for nature photographers with the park’s vibrant foliage and blooming wildflowers. Photographers can capture the beauty of the park’s landscapes from the lush greenery to the colorful tapestry of spring blossoms creating lasting memories of the seasonal splendor.

Nature Walks

Spring is the perfect time for leisurely nature walks in Pisgah State Park allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the awakening natural world. The park’s trails offer a tranquil setting for exploring the rejuvenated landscapes with opportunities for observing wildlife and enjoying the tranquil ambiance of the spring season.

Boating and Kayaking

Summer is the perfect time for boating and kayaking adventures on the serene waters of Beals Pond and Kilburn Pond within Pisgah State Park. Visitors can rent kayaks or bring their own non-motorized boats to explore the tranquil lakes surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque landscapes.


The summer months provide an opportunity for RV campers to cool off and enjoy swimming in the designated swimming areas at Pisgah State Park. The park’s pristine ponds offer a refreshing escape from the summer heat providing a natural setting for water-based recreation and relaxation.

Nature Interpretation Programs

During the summer season the park may offer nature interpretation programs and guided walks providing educational and engaging experiences for visitors of all ages. These programs may include themed nature walks wildlife observation and interactive learning opportunities to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the park’s natural resources.

Family Picnics

Summer is an ideal time for family picnics at Pisgah State Park with designated picnic areas providing a scenic backdrop for outdoor gatherings. Families can enjoy quality time together amidst the park’s natural beauty savoring picnics and creating lasting memories in a picturesque setting.

Nature Photography

Summer presents abundant opportunities for nature photography in Pisgah State Park with the lush greenery and vibrant foliage creating stunning visuals for photographers. From capturing the play of light through the forest canopy to the reflections on the park’s tranquil ponds photographers can find inspiration in the park’s summer landscapes.

Leaf Peeping

Fall offers a spectacular display of vibrant foliage in Pisgah State Park attracting leaf peepers seeking stunning autumn colors. Visitors can embark on scenic drives or hike along the park’s trails to witness the breathtaking transformation of the landscape with the park’s hardwood forests ablaze in hues of red orange and yellow.

Wildlife Migration

Fall is a prime time for wildlife observation as migratory birds and other wildlife species pass through the park. Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts can witness the seasonal movements of birds and other wildlife providing opportunities to observe these natural phenomena in the park’s diverse habitats.

Photography Workshops

The fall season may offer photography workshops and events within Pisgah State Park providing opportunities for photographers to capture the stunning autumn scenery under the guidance of experienced professionals. These workshops may focus on techniques for capturing fall foliage wildlife photography and landscape photography in the park’s seasonal splendor.

Fall Hiking

The cooler temperatures and vibrant foliage make fall an ideal time for hiking in Pisgah State Park. Visitors can explore the park’s trails and witness the beauty of the changing seasons with opportunities to immerse themselves in the stunning autumn landscapes and capture memorable moments amidst the fall colors.

Nature Study

Fall provides a unique opportunity for nature study and ecological observation in Pisgah State Park. Visitors can engage in educational activities focused on the seasonal changes in the park’s ecosystems including discussions on plant adaptations wildlife behavior and the ecological significance of the fall season within the park.

Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

Winter transforms Pisgah State Park into a snowy wonderland offering opportunities for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing along designated trails. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the park’s winter landscapes enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the snow-covered woodlands and meadows.

Wildlife Tracking

Winter provides a unique opportunity for wildlife tracking in Pisgah State Park as the snow reveals animal tracks and signs. Nature enthusiasts can engage in wildlife observation and tracking activities gaining insights into the winter behaviors and movements of the park’s resident wildlife.

Winter Photography

The park’s winter landscapes offer stunning opportunities for winter photography with snow-covered forests frozen ponds and icicle-adorned landscapes creating captivating scenes for photographers. Winter photography enthusiasts can capture the park’s serene beauty and unique winter features from frost-covered branches to the play of light on the snowy terrain.

Nature Walks

Winter nature walks in Pisgah State Park provide a serene and peaceful experience allowing visitors to appreciate the park’s winter beauty at a leisurely pace. The park’s trails offer opportunities for observing winter wildlife enjoying the crisp winter air and immersing oneself in the serene ambiance of the winter season.

Winter Birdwatching

Birdwatchers can indulge in winter birdwatching experiences within Pisgah State Park observing winter-resident bird species and migratory visitors. The park’s winter landscapes provide a unique setting for birdwatching with opportunities to spot birds against the snowy backdrop and witness their winter behaviors and interactions.

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