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Union Grove State Park is a fantastic destination for RV camping, offering a tranquil and picturesque setting that’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. The park’s rich history and cultural significance add to its allure, making it a must-visit for those seeking a unique and immersive outdoor experience.

The park’s history dates back to the 1930s when it was established as a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp during the Great Depression. The CCC played a crucial role in developing the park’s infrastructure, including its iconic stone buildings and bridges, which still stand as a testament to the park’s heritage.

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RV Rentals in Union Grove State Park


Visitors to Union Grove State Park primarily rely on private vehicles for transportation. The park is easily accessible from various entrances including the main entrance off County Road A52 and the secondary entrance off County Road W14. When it comes to RV travel it’s important to note that there are restrictions on rig sizes with certain areas of the park accommodating smaller RVs. It’s advisable to check the specific size limitations and road conditions before planning your visit.

Union Grove State Park offers designated RV camping areas with parking facilities suitable for RVs. Overnight parking outside of designated campsites is not permitted. It is recommended to camp with an RV within the park and explore using alternative transportation methods such as hiking or biking to fully experience the natural beauty and recreational opportunities the park has to offer.

Union Grove State Park does not offer public transportation such as shuttle buses or walking paths for getting around the park. Visitors primarily rely on private vehicles to access different areas within the park. However the park provides a network of scenic trails that are ideal for walking and hiking allowing visitors to explore the park’s natural beauty at their own pace.

Top Campsites in Union Grove State Park

Whispering Pines Campground

Located just a short drive from Union Grove State Park Whispering Pines Campground is a highly sought-after destination for RV camping. With 50 spacious sites nestled among the pines this pet-friendly campground offers a serene atmosphere and modern amenities including electric hookups showers and a playground. Open from May to October it accommodates RVs and trailers of various sizes making it an ideal choice for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Riverside RV Park

Situated along the banks of the Upper Iowa River Riverside RV Park is a picturesque retreat that provides 30 RV sites with full hookups. Guests can enjoy fishing kayaking and riverside picnicking while furry companions are welcome to join in the fun. The pet-friendly campground operates from April to November and can accommodate RVs and trailers of up to 40 feet in length.

Oak Hollow Campground

Offering a peaceful setting and 25 spacious RV sites Oak Hollow Campground is a favorite choice for those seeking a relaxing camping experience. The campground is pet-friendly and provides amenities such as electric hookups a dump station and access to hiking trails. Open from April to October it welcomes RVs and trailers of varying sizes providing a comfortable base for exploring the natural beauty of the area.

Pine Ridge Campground

Nestled in a wooded setting Pine Ridge Campground offers 40 RV sites with electric hookups and a tranquil ambiance for nature lovers. The pet-friendly campground is open from May to September and provides access to hiking trails fishing and birdwatching. RVs and trailers of different sizes are welcome making it a popular choice for those looking to immerse themselves in the scenic beauty of the region.

Bluffside Campground

Bluffside Campground in Union Grove State Park offers 15 first-come-first-served campsites providing a rustic and secluded camping experience. Open from April to October the campground can accommodate RVs and trailers up to 30 feet in length. While there are no hookups available guests can enjoy the natural surroundings and access to hiking trails. The campground is pet-friendly allowing visitors to bring along their furry companions for an outdoor adventure.

River’s Edge Campground

With 20 first-come-first-served sites River’s Edge Campground is a popular choice for those seeking a tranquil riverside camping experience. Open from May to September the campground welcomes RVs and trailers of varying sizes offering a serene setting for outdoor enthusiasts. While there are no hookups guests can enjoy the picturesque views and access to fishing and wildlife watching. The campground is pet-friendly allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the park with their four-legged friends.

Woodland Retreat Campground

Woodland Retreat Campground offers 10 first-come-first-served campsites providing a peaceful and intimate setting for camping enthusiasts. Open from May to October the campground can accommodate RVs and trailers of up to 35 feet in length. While there are no hookups guests can enjoy the tranquility of the wooded surroundings and access to hiking trails. The campground is pet-friendly allowing visitors to explore the natural beauty of Union Grove State Park alongside their beloved pets.

If campsites within Union Grove State Park are fully booked RV renters have several alternative camping options nearby to consider. Private campgrounds in the vicinity offer additional accommodations while backcountry camping provides a more immersive outdoor experience.

Private Campgrounds

Several private campgrounds are situated in close proximity to Union Grove State Park providing RV renters with alternative camping options. These campgrounds often offer a range of amenities including full hookups shower facilities and recreational activities. By securing a spot at a private campground RV renters can still enjoy a comfortable and convenient camping experience while being in close proximity to the natural attractions of the area.

Backcountry Camping

For those seeking a more adventurous camping experience backcountry camping in designated areas near Union Grove State Park is a viable option. Backcountry camping allows RV renters to immerse themselves in the wilderness with opportunities for hiking wildlife viewing and stargazing. While backcountry camping typically involves more primitive facilities and requires careful planning it offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature away from the crowds.


Union Grove State Park offers a network of scenic trails that cater to hikers of all skill levels. The popular Bluffside Trail provides breathtaking views of the limestone bluffs and the Upper Iowa River while the Woodland Trail meanders through lush woodlands offering opportunities for wildlife observation. Hikers can also explore the Pine Ridge Trail which winds through wooded areas and open meadows providing a diverse and picturesque hiking experience.


The Upper Iowa River which flows through Union Grove State Park is a prime destination for fishing enthusiasts. Anglers can cast their lines in search of smallmouth bass trout and panfish while enjoying the tranquil surroundings of the river. The park’s accessible fishing pier and designated fishing areas make it convenient for RV campers to indulge in a relaxing day of angling.


With its diverse habitats and abundant birdlife Union Grove State Park is a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts. The park’s woodlands riverbanks and open meadows provide opportunities to spot a variety of bird species including warblers woodpeckers and raptors. The Bluffside Trail and Woodland Trail are particularly popular for birdwatching offering opportunities to observe avian species in their natural habitats.


RV campers can explore Union Grove State Park’s scenic landscapes and natural beauty by cycling along designated trails. The park’s paved and gravel trails provide a picturesque backdrop for cyclists with options for both leisurely rides and more challenging routes. The park’s gently rolling terrain and diverse ecosystems make it an ideal destination for cyclists looking to immerse themselves in the great outdoors.

Wildlife Photography

Union Grove State Park’s rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes make it a paradise for wildlife photographers. From capturing the graceful flight of migratory birds to photographing the vibrant colors of wildflowers the park offers endless opportunities for capturing the beauty of nature through the lens. RV campers can explore various areas of the park to seek out unique wildlife encounters and scenic vistas creating lasting memories through the art of photography.


Union Grove State Park offers numerous scenic overlooks and vantage points that are perfect for sightseeing. The park’s limestone bluffs riverbanks and woodlands provide captivating vistas that are ideal for leisurely observation and appreciation of the natural surroundings. Visitors can take in panoramic views of the Upper Iowa River and the park’s diverse landscapes providing ample opportunities for relaxation and reflection.

Nature Watching

For RV campers who prefer a more tranquil outdoor experience Union Grove State Park is a paradise for nature watching. The park’s diverse habitats support a wide array of wildlife including deer wild turkeys and various bird species. Nature enthusiasts can spend their days observing the peaceful movements of wildlife and immersing themselves in the serene beauty of the park’s natural environment.

Photography Opportunities

Union Grove State Park offers a plethora of Instagram-worthy photo spots for RV campers looking to capture the park’s natural beauty. From the picturesque limestone bluffs to the tranquil waters of the Upper Iowa River the park provides a stunning backdrop for photography. Whether it’s capturing the vibrant colors of wildflowers or composing scenic landscape shots the park’s beauty lends itself to creating memorable and shareable moments through the art of photography.


The park’s designated picnic areas provide a relaxing setting for RV campers to enjoy outdoor dining and socializing. With scenic views and peaceful surroundings these areas offer the perfect opportunity to savor a leisurely meal amidst the beauty of nature. Whether it’s a family gathering or a romantic picnic for two Union Grove State Park’s picnic spots provide a serene and picturesque setting for a delightful dining experience.


As a designated Dark Sky Park Union Grove State Park offers unparalleled opportunities for stargazing. RV campers can marvel at the celestial wonders above with the park’s remote locations providing optimal conditions for observing the night sky. Visitors can witness the brilliance of the Milky Way and the twinkling of countless stars creating a mesmerizing and awe-inspiring experience that’s perfect for those seeking a peaceful and otherworldly connection with nature.

Season-specific experiences in Union Grove State Park

Wildflower Viewing

Spring brings an explosion of vibrant wildflowers throughout Union Grove State Park creating a stunning display of colors across the park’s meadows and woodlands. The Woodland Trail is a prime location for wildflower viewing with an abundance of native species such as trillium bloodroot and Virginia bluebells. RV campers can take leisurely walks along the trail immersing themselves in the beauty of these seasonal blooms and capturing memorable photos amidst the natural splendor.

Bird Migration Watching

Spring is a bustling time for bird migration and Union Grove State Park becomes a hotspot for birdwatchers seeking to witness the annual avian spectacle. The park’s diverse habitats attract a variety of migratory birds including warblers thrushes and vireos. Birdwatching enthusiasts can explore the Bluffside Trail and the riverbanks to observe the colorful visitors as they make their journey through the park providing a unique and captivating experience for nature enthusiasts.

Historical Interpretive Programs

Union Grove State Park offers historical interpretive programs during the spring providing RV campers with the opportunity to learn about the park’s rich heritage and cultural significance. These programs may include guided tours of the park’s historic structures such as the CCC-built stone buildings and bridges as well as engaging presentations on the park’s conservation efforts and historical developments. By participating in these programs visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the park’s past and its role in preserving natural and cultural resources.

Scenic River Cruises

Springtime at Union Grove State Park offers the perfect conditions for scenic river cruises along the Upper Iowa River. RV campers can embark on guided boat tours or rent canoes and kayaks to explore the tranquil waters and picturesque landscapes of the river. These cruises provide a unique perspective of the park’s natural beauty allowing visitors to witness the seasonal changes and abundant wildlife that thrive along the riverbanks.

Nature Photography Workshops

Spring brings new opportunities for nature photography workshops at Union Grove State Park where RV campers can enhance their photography skills while capturing the park’s seasonal beauty. These workshops may be led by professional photographers or park rangers offering insights into capturing the vibrant colors of spring wildflowers the graceful movements of migratory birds and the serene landscapes that define the park’s natural allure.

River Tubing and Kayaking

The summer months provide ideal conditions for river tubing and kayaking adventures along the Upper Iowa River. RV campers can rent tubes or kayaks to float down the gentle currents taking in the scenic beauty and tranquility of the river. This leisurely water activity offers a refreshing way to cool off and savor the natural surroundings.

Starlit Campfire Programs

Summer evenings at Union Grove State Park come alive with starlit campfire programs where RV campers can gather around crackling campfires for engaging presentations on astronomy wildlife and local folklore. These programs provide a unique opportunity for visitors to connect with nature while enjoying the warmth and camaraderie of a traditional campfire experience.

Nighttime Wildlife Viewing

Summer nights offer the perfect opportunity for RV campers to engage in nighttime wildlife viewing experiences. Guided night hikes and wildlife observation programs allow visitors to witness the park’s nocturnal inhabitants such as owls bats and other creatures that come to life under the cover of darkness.

Outdoor Concerts and Events

Union Grove State Park hosts outdoor concerts and events during the summer providing RV campers with opportunities to enjoy live music cultural performances and community gatherings amidst the natural beauty of the park. These events offer a festive and entertaining atmosphere allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the local arts and culture while surrounded by the park’s scenic landscapes.

Fall Foliage Drives

The park’s scenic roadways and designated driving routes provide the perfect setting for fall foliage drives allowing RV campers to witness the breathtaking display of autumn colors. Visitors can embark on leisurely drives through the park taking in the vibrant hues of changing leaves and capturing the beauty of the seasonal transformation through picturesque vistas and scenic overlooks.

Harvest Festivals and Farmers’ Markets

Fall at Union Grove State Park brings opportunities to partake in harvest festivals and farmers’ markets where RV campers can experience the local agricultural heritage and enjoy an array of seasonal produce artisanal goods and festive activities. These events provide a charming and authentic glimpse into the traditions and flavors of the fall season offering a delightful experience for visitors.

Guided Nature Walks

The fall season offers guided nature walks and interpretive programs that allow RV campers to explore the park’s natural wonders and learn about the ecological changes that occur during autumn. These walks may focus on topics such as migratory bird patterns tree identification and the unique characteristics of the park’s flora and fauna during the fall season.

Fall Photography Workshops

Union Grove State Park hosts fall photography workshops for RV campers interested in capturing the stunning seasonal beauty through the lens. These workshops may include guided photo walks composition tips and techniques for capturing the rich colors and textures of autumn landscapes providing participants with the opportunity to enhance their photography skills while immersing themselves in the park’s seasonal splendor.

Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

The park’s snow-covered trails provide opportunities for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing allowing RV campers to explore the serene winter landscapes while engaging in invigorating outdoor recreation. These activities offer a unique perspective of the park’s natural beauty with the tranquil ambiance of the winter season creating a picturesque backdrop for snowbound adventures.

Winter Wildlife Watching

The winter months provide excellent opportunities for RV campers to engage in wildlife watching as the park’s quieter and snow-covered landscapes offer enhanced visibility for observing wintering bird species deer and other wildlife. Visitors can embark on wildlife observation excursions taking advantage of the park’s peaceful winter environment to witness the behaviors and adaptations of animals during the colder months.

Stargazing and Astronomy Programs

Union Grove State Park’s dark skies and clear winter nights create optimal conditions for stargazing and astronomy programs. RV campers can participate in guided stargazing events and astronomy programs gaining insights into the winter night sky and celestial phenomena while enjoying the tranquility of the park’s remote locations.

Winter Photography Expeditions

The park’s winter landscapes provide captivating opportunities for photography expeditions allowing RV campers to capture the stark beauty of snow-draped trees frozen waterways and the serene winter ambiance. Winter photography workshops and guided photo expeditions may be available providing participants with the chance to hone their photography skills while immersing themselves in the unique visual elements of the winter season.

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